A Nomadic Lifestyle.. a Gypsy Soul

I’ve never been one to stay put for very long. In the last 12 years I have moved 14 times within 11 cities. That equates to approximately once every 10 months. Yes; I have broken a few leases but always found a new renter to move in to avoid the hefty charges!

The Urban Dictionary defines a nomad as N. 1. one without a home who moves around freely without ties holding them back. 2. a constant or full-time traveler. I am experiencing the time of my life being able to live life now as a nomad. Over the course of the last 19 weeks since leaving a life of sticks and bricks I have lived in 18 different cities and four cities on BLM land. That equates to moving an average of once every 6 days. I’m pretty certain we can call me a nomad!

A gypsy soul is referenced in Wild Heart; Gypsy Soul – Odyssey as ” a person in need of change or an adventure. A gypsy soul seeks for the next best thing in any situation. They can be very passionate and inspired by different ideas, attitudes and experiences. …Sure, gypsy souls have a wild heart.” This is a very good read and sums up a gypsy soul quite nicely.

My daughter gave me a very personal, fun gift this past Christmas. This wrap signifies my lifestyle.. my happy heart. I wear it as an addition of me; the same way you wear a wedding band.


The gypsy soul in me has been released to reside in the great unknown. For 16 years I was quite happy and content to stay put in one city, raise my children as a single mom and build a substantial career in the direct sales industry. Today I feel that God has propelled me into the second leg of my purpose and journey here on earth. The full time single mom hat has been exchanged for a new hat.. a serene and simple one.. embracing new experiences, growth, change and people.


I’m loving this new way of living in my Acura TL full time that I fondly named ‘Serenity Sedan’ while continuing to build my business Say It Display It , as well as sharing my journey with you here and on my you tube channel- Serene and Simple Life


Through my musings I hope you may receive a tidbit or take away to inspire you in your journey to experience the great unknown or just a simple understanding of how 1000’s are choosing to live.

Thank you for coming along and your awesome encouragement in new beginnings; living life as a nomad with a gypsy soul.

Smiles & Joy,



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