Methodical Decision; Not on a Whim

The notion to leave a life of sticks and bricks and a have a life without a rent payment was an exhilarating thought to consider. It occured to me one sunny Sunday afternoon as I sat in my living room area of a 17 X 25 room that I was renting for $600 a month.. down from the last room I rented at $875 per month. The thoughts of living in a mini van or even something bigger felt like the next right move to make. I had a very strong feeling in my gut that God was speaking to me loud and clear.

I immediately went to You tube and searched ‘living in a van’. Little did I know that I would be bombarded with all kinds of how to’s of the nomadic lifestyle. The more I watched the more addicted to the thoughts of becoming a nomad I became.  I power watched video after video, joined and introduced myself in at least 10 facebook groups, and googled question after question.

It was time to make a plan; an organized, thought out, methodical one in nature and not just walk away on a whim from life as I knew it for 60 years.. 4 walls with a roof over my head and a real bed. Thoughts raced through my brain like a freight train.. What kind of rig and how much will it cost? When would I leave the only life I’ve ever known? How and where would I sleep, Would I be able to pull it all off?

Not only did I cling to ideas, thoughts and how to’s in my brain but I began to write them down in a special notebook in different categories designated for this life I now refer to as ‘New Beginnings’.  Food without refrigeration, places to sleep, how much and what clothes would I take to name a few. The fun had just begun!

Sunday, July 1 was the day of discovery.. what I believe was divine intervention. I decided that Saturday, Sept 15 would be my exit into the great unknown. If I were going to act on this idea I wasn’t going to piddle around with the thoughts of changing my mind. It was time to get to work and put these ideas ‘on paper’ into action.

My first plan of attack was to sell everything I could on 4 major players of resell.. 2 apps, 2 websites.. Offer Up, Let Go, Facebook and Craigs List. Loveseat, shelves, dining set, refrigerator, microwave were some of the first items to find new homes for.

Everything must go!

Next I would start pulling everything out of drawers, 2 closets and from underneath the bed so I could start the process of detaching from stuff. This letting go of possessions was not foreign to me, I had been downsizing and selling stuff for years prior to this moment in time. It was always helpful to me to see everything laid out and looking at me to release it.

After a few weeks of research on various mini vans it was time to get serious and take the plunge into a new used vehicle as my new home. I downloaded various car apps, made many phone calls, emailed lots of potential sellers. It was not meant to be. Not once but twice I went to purchase a particular mini van only to find another buyer had beat me to it. Was God telling me something? After a few days of contemplation and prayer I decided my trusty ole Acura of 16 years would be my new home. img_8893

                                               Bought brand new 2003

img_8897There was still plenty to do. I spent days tackling my 5 X 10 storage unit in preparation for a gigantic garage sale at my land ladies home.

Just a portion of the 10 X 10 storage I needed to tackle

I organized everything in bins according to price.. .25, .50. $1, $2, $3 and so on.

The sale was held one week before my launch. It was a huge success. I continued to sell ~sell~ sell on social media. A buyer contacted me about my 3 piece bed set. He agreed to give me the opportunity to use it till the day of my move into Serenity Sedan. What a blessing!

Over the course of 3.5 months I was able to make a plan and execute it in a methodical way; not on a whim.  The research, organization and stick with it attitude has provided me comfort, security and joy on this new beginnings journey.

Wishing you simplicity and a no regrets life as well.

smiles and joy,


One thought on “Methodical Decision; Not on a Whim

  1. Girl you are amazing and a blessing to me. You are REALLY following your faith and learning on the Lord. That inspires me. God bless you JayneSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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