Interviewed by a celebrity -Bob Wells..not once but twice! ..making a difference difference

It was a rush of excitement to see Bob Wells; founder of cheap rv living walking towards my home.. Serenity Sedan, with his videographer Cliff. On January 5, 2019 I was given the sweet opportunity to be interviewed by him, a soft spoken, kind gentleman  for his you tube channel cheap rv living Bob is making a tremendous impact in other’s lives and is making a huge difference in the nomadic community.

One of the first questions that popped in my head as I listened to Bob’s opening speech at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous was whether he would be doing tours of various rigs at the event. I was excited to share my ‘how’ living in a sedan full time. His you tube channel is packed full of both how to’s in this lifestyle and interviews of people from all walks of life with their homes on wheels. Afterwards I approached him to ask him if he would be. He thanked me for the reminder to announce his interest in doing tours. After having my photo taken with him he directed me to his videographer to see about a schedule. My hopes soared.img_1940

The next morning his assistant KC announced that we should email her and she would be in touch. As it ended up; there was just no time to film all us passionate nomads at the RTR. The waiting game was on and patience! We received further instruction that Bob would be videoing after the two week event. We were given the GPS coordinates and told to come to the location on Feb. 1 to get our place on the calendar. That was a Friday. I was scheduled for the following Tuesday. Oh my; what would I do in the meantime with my excitement overflowing.

Off to Walmart for some therapy I went. I bought a new top for this special occasion and a ball cap to symbolize  new hat – new day! I’m not a hat girl but it will come in handy for those windy and/or dirty hair days!IMG_2530

On Saturday before the shoot Bob came walking over the backside of my home of about 10 acres 🙂 (BLM land) as he had just finished a couple video tapings.. We chatted for a few as I poured out a quick summary of full time life on the road as a nomad. I was giving him a preview of what he was in for.

The morning finally arrived! Passion poured out of me as I shared ‘a day in the life’ in my home.. an Acura TL. Bob bent down at the front passenger side, opposite side of where I was seated with his camera as I demonstrated my sleeping arrangement and waking with my morning routine. I showed how my entire day can be managed from my driver’s seat if it were a bad weather day or if I choose to stay inside in my home. As Bob and I talked; Cliff videoed everything from the outside using his camera and tripod.img_2506

I was able to share my ‘why’ about choosing this unconventional lifestyle at 60 years old. New Beginnings.. off the treadmill ..into the great unknown

Bob is notorious for asking all of his guests 2 specific questions. 1. How do you support yourself. 2. Where do you do your doody.. or how :). Answers:

1. small savings  and my Say It Display It business on line (website, Etsy and amazon) showsimg_0683

2. collapsible ‘out of sight out of mind’ potty from Amazon..img_1434

After finishing the tour of what I call ‘my nest’ we headed to my garage.. (the trunk) to provide his audience an overview of running a business from a sedan as well as everyday life. We got about half way through the tour but the wind gusts of 35 mph were interfering with the audio. Cliff made the suggestion of having a Part ll to the story. Bob agreed that would be cool. I was stoked! Not just one interview but ll! Had it not been for the wind that may never have occured. I say God is in the details.img_2133

On Thursday we reconvened. We spent an hour or more going over the basics and the beauty of running a business with no rent or mortgage payments! It was a glorious time in the sun, in the desert backyard with my home..sharing with Bob Wells; a celebrity with cheap rv living, rubber tramp rendezvous and nomad community who is indeed making a difference.img_2594

My hope is that God would use me to make a difference; empowering others to take a leap of faith too if it is a desire they have to live in this lifestyle. Nike would say ‘just do it’ if you are one of those feeling like there has got to be more to life then waking up, going to work, going to bed.. and repeating over and over.

Stay tuned for the video debut with Bob here and on you tube Serene and Simple Life

Thank you in advance as you follow along.. sharing with your friends and acquaintances; as you are empowering and making a difference for them too!

smiles and joy,




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