5 months in ‘New Beginnings’.. What’s different..what’s the same..

It brings me delight to celebrate significant and meaningful times in my life and those of others. We all have them.. first job, anniversaries, milestones in children’s lives, good health reports etc. On February 15 I celebrated 5 months living in my car that I fondly call ‘Serenity Sedan”.

You may be thinking what’s the big deal? It is a big deal to me because 5 months ago I embarked on a ‘new beginnings’ with no other place to call home. I took a leap of faith and with a grateful attitude embraced the great unknown. I’ve lived in sticks and bricks for 60 years. I’ve been working for 45 years. Life as I knew it was going to change in a dramatic way.

I’ve been thinking about what’s different and what’s the same since the beginning of this journey. I don’t miss a bed, I don’t miss a fridge or microwave, I don’t miss a tv, I don’t miss looking at my stuff and the same 4 walls everyday.. Who knew!

For the first 3.5 months I was a stealth city nomad. I lived in Serenity Sedan within a 200 mile radius of the shows I was exhibiting in with Say It Display It®️.

Since the beginning of the women’s rubber tramp rendevous I have been living on BLM (bureau of land management) land in Arizona for the most part. Recently I’m doing some stealth city dwelling in between to change things up and to be closer to my offices (parks, McDonald’s libraries) and sometimes civilization.

My eating style changes depending on where I am. In the city I’m eating ‘no refrigeration needed’ food such as tuna, peanut butter, nuts, power bars etc. I shopped regularly at Walmart in the evening for discounted salads and sandwiches that I stored in a smaller soft side cooler with some ice from McDonalds or Subway to make a picnic out of the next day. McDonalds is a lunch/dinner combined especially if I was using their facility to work at all day. Taco Bell, Panda Express and  Chick Fil A are a special treat.

In the desert or on blm land I use my Gas One grill to fry an egg, heat up soup and some other tasty meals. All quick and easy. I rarely cooked in my sticks and bricks life so no need to change now!

My nest is organized and everything is completely accessible from my front seat. That was a work in progress over the course of the first 3 months. Before I left city dwelling I downsized my wardrobe and swapped a few pieces of clothing for others. I have a storage unit where I did some exchanging of bedding and also let go of a few things.

Since day 2 or 3 of New Beginnings I have been sleeping in my driver’s seat in a reclining position. The first couple days I slept in my front passenger seat. It got old very quickly moving stuff around and climbing over the console to move my location in the early morning.

Before I took off into the great unknown I needed to downsize my product display to make room to store product in my trunk for one year. During the the craft show circuit I would restock weekly after a big show. Now I carry product to fill on line orders throughout the year.

Each day I grow a little more confident and content living as a nomad. I’m especially looking forward to the Spring when I start traveling more and making some new memories with exploring National Parks. I’ll be semi stationery from mid May through the beginning of September as I work as a camp host in Washington in the Snoqualmie National Forest. Before I know it I will be 1 year living as a nomad.

I love this flexible and ever changing journey I’m on with ‘new beginnings. I guess you could say that is really what has stayed the same.. my attitude towards change. I’ve always embraced change.. scenery, people and places. My zest for life remains the same.

I wish you joy in your journey whether you embrace change as I do or you prefer familiarity instead.

smiles and joy,


2 thoughts on “5 months in ‘New Beginnings’.. What’s different..what’s the same..

  1. Wonderful! Good for you.. Great post. I felt the energy and Joy in each word. Thanks for making me excited about starting my journey.. Take care & safe travels

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