Where to Go.. What to Do

‘BLM’ which stands for Bureau of Land Management has been my home for almost two weeks.  I have been hanging out near Parker, AZ but actually in Earp, CA near the Colorado River border. The law for staying on BLM land for free is you move at least 25 miles away every 14 days. It’s time to move! I’m trying to figure out where to go and what to do next.

I’ve had some busy, productive days and a few not so much. Just like my former life; some days seem to drag on endlessly while others just fly on by. Of course the fly on by days outweigh the endless days. I’m sure that has something to do with age.

Where did the time go? Bob Wells from cheap rv living visited on 2 different days to interview and video me in Serenity Sedan.  Interviewed by a celebrity -Bob Wells..not once but twice! ..making a difference  

I  spent 2 days in the town of Parker doing some Walmart therapy, mailing orders and even taking advantage of a $2 shower at the La Paz County Park

A couple days I just hung out on my home turf reading, practicing my knitting on a beanie I’ve been working on since RTR and of course Facebook and you tube are always time fillers or wasters.. depending on what I’m looking at or reading! I even set up the four foot table stored in my garage (trunk😊) that I use for setting up at craft shows with Say It Display It

I did some writing for future blogs on my laptop; one evening till dusk. I’ll use some of my musings from my blog to publish another book about my life as it is now, which I refer to as the second leg of my journey. 

If you like; check out my latest blog showing off my office in the desert! https://youtu.be/xZf0W_fekTk

I’m struggling a bit with what to do next and where to set up my next home. Do I want to be in a city near the library, traffic noise (white noise for me) and public facilities or do I want to continue to be a camper on BLM land?

Lake Havasu is having a winter fest with spectacular fire works. To me it’s more fun doing something like that with company but irregardless I’m pretty certain that is where I’ll head next.

Even though I’ve chosen to be alone for a couple weeks, joining up with a caravan is another option. During the fall and winter Cheap rv living sets up official caravans for people to head to the same location, make new friends and partake of company.

There are 3 different Caravans to choose from; currently in southern Arizona. As I mentioned in an earlier blog I’m not interested in caravaning full time but I always enjoy meeting new people and am curious about what they are doing as a group. Alone..Groups or Caravans Of course if I don’t catch up with them now I can always find them later down the road.

I’m not sure why I’m having a tough time deciding what next. Part of me is content just passing the time here in this serene area with hardly anyone around. Another side of me is ready for the next adventure to see what I can see and/or being around a little more civilization.

For now I think I will just stay put a couple more days. When I’m feeling this dilemma I ask God where He wants me to go or what He wants me to do. I’m always wanting to be available for God to use me through this car dwellers lifestyle journey He has me on too. I’ll remain still, here in the desert and listen for His answer. Until next time..

smiles and joy,


3 thoughts on “Where to Go.. What to Do

  1. Linda, I just started reading and listening to you tonight!! Your totally awesome, a free spirit, I honestly believe you give me Inspiration Thankyou

    Liked by 1 person

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