Breaking it down.. What’s serene? What’s simple?

One of my goals in this chosen lifestyle is to live a serene and simple life. As they say ‘so good.’ Perhaps it is a desire of yours as well to live out your days/years with serenity and simplicity. I have been living in my Acura Sedan fulltime for almost 6 months. ‘Serenity Sedan’ is her name. A ‘nest’ is the style of home I am living in. So now you may be wondering what could possibly be serene or simple about living in a nest; dwelling. I created two lists and organized the serene and simple of my life as it is now into two categories.. 1. the ‘serene’ 2. the ‘simple’.

Serene is the easy one.. in no particular order..

  1. Mountains
  2. Water
  3. Trees
  4. Nature
  5. Sunrise
  6. Sunset
  7. Clouds
  8. Flowers

When first choosing a nomadic lifestyle and go on this journey I knew that serenity would be all around me as I adore and embrace the outdoors. It is my serenity! Throw in a picnic table, a lounge chair or a blanket to sit on and I’m good for the entire day.

People often comment that we are not living in a vehicle though instead we are living outside our home..aka..rig. It’s true! I’m pretty certain I have spent more time in the great outdoors; in the last 5 months than the last 5 years combined.

Serene and Simple Life


Surrounded by nature also gives me the opportunity to spend quiet time listening for and hearing God’s voice.

It’s all here!

It is a continual prayer request of mine for Him to slow down this entrepreneur mind of mine.. which I refer to as ‘the train’ and savor the moment at hand. God is providing me this very gift in the open air surrounded by mountains, water, trees and nature.. sometimes one at a time.. sometimes all at once.

Takes my breath away

I like to refer to the landscape as ‘God’s masterpiece’ so intricately and beautifully designed. Sometimes it requires being quiet and still to hear the wondrous sounds of nature.. water trickling, trees blowing, nature talking.. My mind cooperates. Voila- Serenity.. a serene life.

The still of the day

List #2: Simplicity

In no particular order-

  1. morning coffee, evening tea or coffee
  2. closet of clothing
  3. pantry and refrigerator
  4. bills and/or expenses
  5. shopping
  6. housekeeping
  7. laundry

You may be wandering how are any of these made ‘simple’ except for maybe the coffee.. Let me explain ..

1. Each morning I turn the ignition on Serenity Sedan for 10 minutes.. good to take the chill off the interior of my nest, good to keep the engine lubed, good to heat up the water with my handy dandy 12 Volt coffee pot. Simple.

Coffee Control Center

2. Next.. clothing.. my wardrobe ‘closet’ consists of 8 mesh, light weight clothing bags organized by tops, shorts, capris, long pants, dresses, outfits for craft show participation and under garments. One at a time, I simply grab the appropriate bag of what style of clothing I’m going to wear from behind my seat. On my lap I unzipper the bag and choose my outfit of the day or 2 or 3 days.. I have between 10 -15 different pieces of each clothing type  all folded up neatly in a sachet form in their own separate bag. Done.


3. 1 fabric box for the pantry, 1 small insulated lunch box for my refrigerator. Fabric bag of canned goods on floor in the back.. Probably enough food for at least 2 weeks.. Simple meals, no endless deciding what to make for a meal, no missing ingredients, no hunting for a recipe. More later on what I actually eat. I promise you I’m not going hungry!

4. no bills to hand write and send out, all monthly automated withdrawls for car insurance, phone and a storage unit (80% filled with product I sell in my business) , expenses are gas, food, entertainment. I’m living somewhere between $500-$700 a month depending on how much I travel. Simple.

5. shopping is pretty much non existent except for food and an occassional purchase         of a top or bottoms from Walmart or Target.  I no longer wander around looking at and dreaming about and buying containers, office or decorative household. No nest space left to fill up with random, non essential things! Minamalism = maximizing the checking account. I will write a blog down the road on budget..More time to search out the ‘free’ in life.. the great outdoors! Simple.

6. housekeeping in my nest lives by the oldie but goodie organizing cliche- ‘a place for       everything, and everything in its place.’ It is critical to put everything back in its                 place otherwise it is nest/car chaos in no time! No housekeeping other than a quick           dusting of the mantle (dash) or wiping the table top areas clean with handi                           wipes..Simple as that.

7. laundry once every 2.5 weeks or so. Who ever told you that we need to wear a different outfit everyday? Since when does a top become labeled ‘dirty’ after one..two or even three wears? Yes; I do the smell check and on occassion check in with one of those kinds of friends who will speak the truth.. no stinky me.. I’ve asked. 🙂 Simple!

There you have it! ‘Serene and Simple Life’ as this blog and you tube channel are appropriately named.IMG_3144

The basic heirachy of needs – air, food, water, shelter and clothing is being fullfilled in a serene and simple way. My wish for you is that would also experience serenity and simplicity.. how ever that make look for you!

smiles and joy,


The Gratitude themed Collection


One thought on “Breaking it down.. What’s serene? What’s simple?

  1. Sounds like sooo much fun!!! Wish sometimes for a more siple life…however with being retired I’m pretty much my own boss and do what I want….Could always use more money though…call me sometime 7244937989…would like to talk, don’t like texting…take care, Patty


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