6 Down – 6 to go.. No regrets..

March 16 is my anniversary. It is the anniversary of 6 months living full time in my car on the road. Well not always on the road.. sometimes moving into BLM land for a stay, other times exploring a city and finding home on asphalt. 6 months as a nomad, with 6 months to go.. then I will celebrate all I have been given and revisit what the future may hold. So far no regrets and excited to see what next..

Last month I wrote a blog on 5 months in.. I reminisced about what’s different and what’s the same leaving a life as I knew it. 5 months in ‘New Beginnings’.. What’s different..what’s the same..

A month later I believe God has me right where He wants me.. giving me the opportunity to meet like minded people ‘a tribe of nomads’ if you will,

A morning hike with ‘new’ like minded friends

to be able to travel, save money, grow in my faith, make a difference in other’s lives and explore the great unknown.

I can honestly say that I am quite content. There has not been a time when I wished I was somewhere else, living in a different rig or at a fixed address. My gypsy soul is soaring and being filled up with new encounters, experiences and enthusiasm each new day.

Christmas gift from my daughter

The only emotional challenge I have been experiencing on occasion is the ‘desire’ to hear from my grown children a bit more often.

I have learned to be grateful for what is given me instead of what is lacking to help me through these ’emotional moments’.

My daughter and I were visiting with one another and I was given the opportunity to chat/catch up with my Grand sweet peas through video chats but for some unknown reason that has subsided. I wait with hope and curiousness (one of my 3 stated feelings in my recent video) for the next time. In the meantime I savor the memories.

To stay in touch (which is in my control) is to send my 3 and 5 year old grandkids postcards of all the cool cities I’m visiting. I send little freebies like fun book marks from the libraries I visit. Just recently I scored with some cool stickers to include in these random mailings.

Went off on a little bunny trail here (video teaser link below😊).. I pray to God that my children and grandkids will always know how much I love and care for them. More on family another time (or not)😊

If you like; please visit my channel where I share how I’m feeling overall in 3 words and my ‘self check up’ on my emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health.


Today I sit in the Walmart parking lot enjoying the activity.. coming and going of people and vehicles. My neighbors consist of other movers and groovers!

Nomad Neighborhood at Walmart
My ultimate therapy.. the Walmart kind!

When I move to another city to find a new home; Walmart is my initial go to. It’s like moving into a familiar neighborhood of the past. The people change but not the location.

While enjoying my reduced sandwich/lunch; my neighbors were getting their awning cleaned.

Getting her clean and looking good.. at Walmart!

It’s just like sitting out on your front porch and watching your neighbors across the way in sticks and bricks doing an outdoor home project. Who would of thunk.. Walmart parking lot. I ❤️ Walmart.. It is my cheap therapy!

In celebration of 6 months of New Beginnings.. Off the treadmill.. Into the great unknown New Beginnings.. off the treadmill ..into the great unknown I am going to spend a week moving around between the city and BLM land. I may pop in at a caravan or two and visit with some recent new friends.

What’s ahead? Well only God knows but as far as I can see and anticipate.. Spring! National Parks! Going to head up to Lake Mead in Nevada then up to Zion and 5 other highly recommended National Parks in Utah.. https://nps.gov

If I have the time Colorado and Idaho will be in my April agenda before starting my summer camp host job in National Snoqualmie Forest.

Oh my! So much to look forward to. I’m learning and growing on this Serene and Simple Life Journey. I feel that God is using me to inspire, encourage and help others. I am blessed with new friends, new surroundings; a new and meaningful way of life. No sad days sitting alone in my sticks and bricks, no side job to pay just the rent and wondering about making ends meet, no draining my account with my establishing my business https://sayitdisplayit.com

‘It’s a good day to be alive’ reiterated from one of my fav You tubers Solo Sinclair from Africa https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZNTPW6HM9hhnaEi_m44axw

and I find joy in the journey. 6 months in I feel extremely blessed and encouraged about the future both professionally and personally. Perhaps down the road I will meet a like minded ‘guy’ nomad to share memories and experiences with😊.

Who knew that 6 months ago my life would open up like this. I thank God for placing this chapter to experience this kind of freedom. 6 months in.. 6 to go.. a year.. living a life of ‘no regrets’.

I hope you too are living a life of ‘no regrets’. However that may look for you.

smiles and joy,


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