Doing Life.. Mind Over Matter

Often times when I awake the song ‘It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood’ from Mr Rogers tv show that launched in 1971 comes into my brain and I immediately start singing those very words. One of my videos on my you tube channel doing just that! Oh my😃

However we want to think.. positive, negative or neutral we get to choose. Most of our encounters in life- good, bad or indifferent are going to be effected by our thoughts. Doing life can sometimes be just mind over matter.Words of inspiration and affirmations helps me to do just that.

30+ themed collections of daily inspiration cards here:

The ‘I’ themed collection in the Say It Display It®️ line

I’m often asked how do you sleep in your car? That question evokes two different answers in me.. 1. the literal answer- I sleep in my front driver seat in a reclining position. img_2777.jpg

My co pilot and sleep buddy.. Andy ..chillin in the passenger seat

2. the subjective answer- I sleep in my car quite comfortably and with ease. You see I have chosen to embrace my decision to live as a car dweller and therefore I am having a very positive experience.

the ‘Growth’ themed collection

Another thought that comes to other’s minds is that there is no room to stand up. What seems like would be a true obstacle is actually an opportunity to get out of my nest and walk. I’ve always loved to walk so living in a car provides me this opportunity on a daily basis. I asked google the facts about how much people sit in a day. Google’s answer- In total, Americans are sitting an average of 13 hours a day and sleeping an average of 8 hours resulting in a sedentary lifestyle of of around 21 hours a day. Car dwellers do not have ownership of this fact. We all know sitting long periods of time is not conducive to long term good health. I pay attention to this fact and do little things each day to get off my butt and stand.. Tidying up for the day also requires getting out of Serenity and stretching as I fold up my bedding.

I park far away from stores to move my legs.

I’d walk a mile for a Walmart😊

Of course things like getting dressed is challenging if it is raining and I’m not motivated to get out. On most days I head to a public facility or when away from a city my dressing/potty tent provides me stand up room. FYI- In emergencies or those nature calls at night I’m covered with a foldable potty or a wide mouth container. Just remember plumbing is a new way of life for only 200 years or so.😊

This lifestyle as a nomad, ‘off the grid’ to me is super rewarding. Once again..mind over matter.. trading in some minor inconveniences for bonuses.

Here is a link to a tour of me living in a car; showing you how I manage and how it all works This video was filmed by a new tribester friend; Randy. His channel is ‘the mobile traveler’.

Everyday I wake up to million dollar views when my home is parked in the desert. 

BLM land (Bureau of Land Management) in Arizona

I can hardly wait to experience an ocean setting as my backdrop later this year. The fresh air, nature sounds, meeting people on a regular basis from all walks of life is exhilarating. My last view for the day before I pop my window coverings in place is a sunset masterpiece.

The  reality of our life is truly how we choose to perceive it. It’s my hope that your life experiences in this moment are meaningful and fullfilling. ask yourself- Is it more conducive to spin your life with positive threads or negative ones?

We all have been given the ability to make choices about how we perceive our circumstances.. mind over matter.. Today I choose joy. Will you join me?

smiles and joy,


One thought on “Doing Life.. Mind Over Matter

  1. Hi Linda,
    You’ve been such an inspiration! I’m 61 years old. My 4 kids are grown and moved on with their lives. I want so bad to do what you are doing. I’ve been selling most of my things but have to start saving which means selling or renting out my small home. I’m in NC.
    I’m a Jesus follower too:)
    I love your product and I love your courage!!
    I’m hoping that I can venture out soon.
    Would love to chat!
    You are welcome anytime to my small home in NC.
    Check me out on Facebook.
    Shirley Romero /Artist

    Liked by 1 person

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