3 offices-BLM land, McDonalds, Parks

When I first stepped into this nomad lifestyle I had some reservations about where  I would go to focus and work on my business. Early on I discovered that libraries and McDonalds would be my ‘go to’s’ for a day at the office.

A stunning McDonalds decor

McDonald’s also provides me a nice warm roof over my head for the day.

It is with great enthusiasm while spending weeks outdoors In the gorgeous AZ desert (60-70 degree temps) that I discovered that I could also have a pop up office on BLM land!

In my garage (the trunk) I have a 4 ft extendable leg table..voila it turns into my desk! I stand for many hours at a time.. no different than when I worked side jobs in retail while living life as an entrepreneur.Besides; I sit enough in the evening hours before bed.

My work is my play. Here on BLM land I get to be in my favorite setting.. outdoors! Charging my laptop off my jackery lithium battery; I’m powered up for 6 or more hours. Solar and Arizona sun are good companions.

Disclaimer.. through the encouragement of a friend I am an amazon affiliate. I make a small percentage when you click on the link and shop or add to your cart.. no extra charge to you and a big thank you from me!

Link for the Jackery lithium battery power bank https://amzn.to/2CED3wt

Link for the Jackery 50 watt solar panel https://amzn.to/2TtwpyE

The fresh air, sounds of nature and sunshine are a great combination for thoughts to spring forth in my brain and to work/write with clarity. I’ve always been an outdoors over air conditioning kinda girl.

Stewart’s Point, Overton, Nevada.. churning new ideas and thoughts

Many years ago I would conduct monthly meetings in the backyard of my home base business. At times it would get a bit steamy and we would head indoors and compete with a noisy box fan.

When I lived in Scottsdale, Arizona I would sit and work on my tiny deck in the early AM before the 90 degree temperatures crept in; sometimes by 9am!

Years later living in my nest on wheels; on most days I’m still choosing open outdoor space over the confines of walls. I guess the statement ‘some things never change’ rings true for me with my office/business choices.

Early on while stealth dwelling in the city I would head to a local park with a covered pavilion that had electricity to spend the day working, reading and writing.

Another of my favorite offices is the library. .. especially on ‘weather’ days to escape the extremes.. One particular library I was able to nestle up on a chair about 3 feet from huge glass windows looking out on flowers, mountains, and desert. There was a main highway separating the beautiful mountain peaks from the desert landscape. It is indeed a serene and simple work day.

Where do you go to find serenity and simplicity in your day? My wish for you is that you have a place(s) and go there often💛☀️

smiles and joy,


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