Knock Knock.. Who’s There?

Knock Knock.. Who’s there? the POLICE! Dang if I didn’t get my first ‘Knock’ (hopefully last) when I was almost 3 months full-time.. in my ‘Serenity Sedan’ nest. Here’s the play by play for your trivia fill😀

  1. Monday night 11:00.. settle into outskirts of a medical center near a very nice hotel.. slept there 3 or 4X before.. very peaceful
  2. Midnight- very LOUD bang coming from the back of my car
  3. I’m barely asleep.. I hear in a very authoritative voice “the POLICE”.. I say “yes”
  4. more banging.. (he later tells me he did not hear me.. said I must be sound proof with my window coverings!).. I’m fidgeting with my keys trying to figure out how to crack the window.. brain is not working..
  5. Can’t figure out why window won’t go down.. so I fidget more to just unlock the dang door and I just open the door! Did I really just open the door? Yep.. although I was certain it was the police because he was loud, clear, and concise in his tone.. a no messing around voice..
  6. asked me how I was doing from the back.. I literally said “I’m doing GREAT”..
  7. I’m feeling totally relaxed or in shock and we proceeded to have a 10 minute conversation like as if we were sitting having coffee!
  8. Conversation Tidbits-
  • a. told me he really wasn’t banging hard at all but when you bang on a trunk it is much louder and echos.. no sh____.🙄. He said he learned that in Denver where he came across MANY heroin addicts when they are bundled up are like dead 💀.. (me in my head.. good to know🤨)
  • b. said he knew there was someone in the car because there was condensation all around the windows.. (me in my head- more good to know)
  • c. told me he has 5 or 6 people living in their vehicles in his patrol and he did not recognize my car thus the intro🙃.. (didn’t use that word)
  • d. asked me if I had parked here before.. “yes” was my answer.. he asked me if it was when it was warm..I said “I don’t remember” (true statement!)🤓
  • e. told me I should probably make sure who it is before talking.. dah.. you think 🤔.. I think he meant don’t fling open the car door!
  • f. I asked him if I wasn’t as stealth as I thought I was.. he said any passer by would not even notice but his light showed the condensation.. (me in my head -WHEW..oh good)
  • g. asked me why I was in my car.. I let loose a 10 minute dialogue about how over I am paying rent, have a business, traveling.. told him I have kids, told him about WRTR.. (he laughed hysterical at the name), I even gave him my website! OMG 😮.. I’m working at midnight with a cop who just wanted to know if I was dead😂.. he proceeded to ask me if there was porn on my site because he would be in trouble if there was😂..
  • h. asked me my name so that he could verify it with running my plate I guess..
  • i. I asked him if anyone was ever towed while in their car.. his answer – yes😏.. more info than I needed! He told me where I was is private property and I would be just fine parking there again..
  • Ten months later.. I have 3 knocks to my journey belt..

    #2 happened at a beautiful park. I stayed one night with no interruptions 😊.. 3 nights later I came back and awakened to a tap tap.. at 10:30.. park closed at 10.. not nearly as eventful as the first knock.. Oh well one night of waking to this view was better than none!

    Rotary Park @ Lake Havasu

    #3 a casino parking lot With another stunning view on Indian reservation property in Washington; 2 days before my birthday. Once again I had resided not one but 3 nights there while in training for my camp host job. No problem. 2 weeks later I drove back to the same location the night before 2 days off. I wanted to get a head start on a birthday road trip. guards.. male and female.. told me “not permitted..nothing against me but one ruins it for all”. I was told later by a police officer where I’m now working that there is heavy drug use on the reservation.. WOW.. a way different scenario than Parker, AZ..

    My wish for you.. may you always have happy knocks no matter what kind of door you have or where you are living.

    smiles and joy,



    2 thoughts on “Knock Knock.. Who’s There?

      1. I first saw you on Bob’s YT video a couple of weeks ago. Today your story video popped up. So I watched and then your budget video popped up. Now playing is how you live in your car. I first saw Bob on YT and have no idea why. It just popped up. I must have watched for 3 hours. Then I begin thinking “I want to do that”. My purpose of posting here is to say I admire your grit to do what you are doing. I will be able to plan and retire to Van life and I hope to have the guts to do it. I will look for you at the RTR someday.


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