a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.. from one to the next

They say in this nomadic life that home is where your wheels stop. So true! Whether it be the outskirts of a bustling Walmart paved parking lot, a desert stone yard or a sandy beach front; they have all provided me a place to call home with a neighborhood of all sizes and models of RVs, vans, trucks and cars.

As Mr Rogers would let us know on each and every show.. it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. It is such ‘ feel good’, mind over matter lyrics. I love to sing the first line or two of that song before I come to my senses and realize I can’t sing! Here’s the proof🤣 Mr Rogers,~ cattle~ she sheds, small townhttps://youtu.be/arbfwhvMTbA

One of my favorite parts of this lifestyle is waking up to new views and new places. Sometimes I don’t know from one day to the next where I will put her in park but that’s what makes this the cool adventure that it is.

Sometimes the views are the ‘million dollar’ kind without the million dollars needed..

Six Mile Cove in Lake Mead
Lake Mojave in Lake Mead Rec area

other times they are plain and simple views.. though still able to find the treasure in the ordinary. I spent a couple days at Pilot/Flying J’s. Here was my evening view before I pulled my curtains for the night.. well put my reflectix stealth coverings in my window😊.

Pilots gas station parking lot view

There is truly beauty everywhere we turn. Sometimes it’s just a matter of having the right frame of mind or slowing down long enough to experience it. I remind myself of this fact often. I want to remember to apply the old cliche ‘take time to smell the coffee’ and enjoy all the different neighborhoods.

Do you find joy in the view? My wish for you is that stationery or not that you too will experience all the different views life provides us.. your neighborhood(s), people, and places.

smiles and joy,


2 thoughts on “a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.. from one to the next

  1. I love reading your posts. You are so interesting! I always wanted to do something like this but unfortunately I suffer from chronic pain in my back and recently my right knee. Both are from a injury. I have see a Pain Dr monthly to get my pain meds so I can’t really go very far even if I wanted to because I have to check in every month. I envy your lifestyle so much! I did get to visit some of the US when my mom and I drove cross country back in 1999 b4 I got hurt. Best trip ever. Went from CT to OR via the upper US and then back to CT via the lower states. Yosemite was our favorite place. My brother had just moved to OR the yr prior so that’s why we went on the trip to visit him. We both took care of a lady for 10 yrs and she passed away at 97 yrs old. We didn’t have job so we took off with no exact plans and we were gone for 3 months. Thank goodness for getting severence pay! Lol How I would love to do it again. Now I will live Vicariously through you 😊 Thanks, Diana

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