My ‘why’ other nomad ‘whys’ Overlaps..People ~ Places ~ Experiences

Before I set out full time into the great unknown I wrote down my ‘top 10’ reasons I decided that life as a nomad was my best choice I had to live life to the fullest. Fast forward many months and I am living out my ‘whys’ I wrote prior to becoming a nomad. I changed the wording from ‘I’m going to; to ‘I am’..

I participated in a caravan while living in Serenity Sedan in Arizona. On our last day together we went around a circle and shared our ‘whys’ There are many similarities as people, places and experiences topped the lists. In this blog I share – My Top 10 Why’s (in no particular order).

1. I am living by myself not in someone else’s home with their rules and dictating to me how I should do things. As the saying goes.. free as a bird

Free as a bird!

2. I am most ‘content’ emotionally and mentally outdoors.. known to me as God’s green earth.. When I was living in sticks and bricks I set up office, designed product, conducted meetings, participated in art/craft shows outdoors.. a common statement of vehicle dwellers is “we don’t live in our vehicle we live outside our vehicle. Perfect!

Serenity at its best

3. I want to “enlarge my territory” all for God’s glory.. by that I mean is to take the business and ministry God has given me and share with others.. whether it be the ‘how to’ of living in a car or daily inspiration; I am able to reach many more people as I travel the country.

Where to next?

4. I’m fulfilling a personal desire to travel and see the country in a way I can afford. No motels, hotels or paid recreation sites. I am living ‘rent free’ for the first time in 42 years. (age of 18).

The mighty 5 in Utah

5. I am fulfilling the ‘American dream’.. I own my home with no mortgage attached. Free from the banks!

Serenity Sedan.. paid in full

6. I am daily putting to practice a ‘less is more’ philosophy/ mentality.

7. I’m expanding my connection with people and making many new friends. The experience is providing me a tribe of like minded people. To me; this fulfills a universal need.. to be accepted and loved. It is a priceless journey to meet people from all walks of life with a story all of their own. side note- 23 years I was part of a like minded tribe with a direct sales business. Now I’m experiencing the ‘like minded’ again without ‘business’ being attached to the tribe.

Not sure what I’d do or where I’d be if it weren’t for friends!

8. I am walking the talk. By that I mean.. While working in the direct sales industry I preached to my team to step out of your comfort zone. This lifestyle is no exception and I am embracing living out of my comfort zone once again!

9. I am strengthening and building ‘faith muscle’ as I choose faith over fear in every circumstance and challenge that comes my way

Oh my.. up close and personal with an Elk!

10. Lastly; I am living life in the moment in the present.. filling up my heart with precious memories.. longer conversations with people without feeling rushed to get somewhere, just ‘being’ while crocheting beanies for the homeless, reading or writing.

Beanies fun! Passes the time and I feel productive!

BONUS – My heart’s desire is for God to use me and to make a difference in other’s lives. I’m working on a sequel to my first book I wrote 19 years ago titled ‘Rising from the Ruins- a single mom takes flight’. Hopefully it will encourage and empower others who may be seeking an alternative lifestyle that does not require a rent or mortgage payment.

My wish for you is that you would explore your ‘whys’ and live a life fulfilling of people ~ places and experiences.

smiles and joy,


4 thoughts on “My ‘why’ other nomad ‘whys’ Overlaps..People ~ Places ~ Experiences

  1. Hi Linda!! Hoping to hear from you! I’m blessed to own 2 very small homes! Also 2 vehicles!! Am downsizing!!! Praise God!! I don’t know how to send you some pictures except to a cellphone!! Call me please. Margie/Smyrna, Tn.

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  2. Hello!! I’ve been watching your utube feeds and recently saw Bob Wells interview with you. I’m a nomad “wanna be” so I’m gathering valuable information from all you guys. I’d like to ask where you purchased the cloth boxes with lids that you pack?? They appear to be perfect and the ones I have collapse refrquently!! Thank you!!

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