Living life large with a small budget

Many people are curious what you need financially to live life as a nomad. Of course as different as it is for everyone in sticks and bricks the same will hold true in this nomadic lifestyle. I personally feel that I am living life large with a small budget.

Large mountains – large trees – large life!

Let me explain.. I’m frugal and watch most of my pennies. It wasn’t always like that for me. I lived outside my means with that dangerous plastic called ‘credit cards’. As an entrepreneur and ‘big picture’ thinker I also dumped money into my business thinking it would grow faster than they did. I was definitely on a vicious treadmill leading to more debt and more financial stress. When I was able to eliminate my debt I could finally breathe and start over and learn from my mistakes. Accounting was not a favorite subject in school. Some things never change. I am able to live within my means now without ‘working my life away’ with side jobs alongside my own business just to pay the bills and make ends meet.

Without rent or a mortgage payment and no credit card bills I can sleep comfortably at night. Here is my ‘average’ monthly budget overview:

  1. Gasoline- $200
  1. Food $175
  2. Phone $85
  3. Car Insurance $85
  4. Storage unit $60
  5. Website $35
  6. Eating out $50 (fast food when traveling)
  7. Misc- $20 personal hygiene, paper towels, toilet paper, plates, bowls, Kleenex
  8. Gifts $60 – 2 kids, 2 spouses and 3 grandchildren (birthday and Christmas) average $50 each occasion per person
  9. Gifts $17 – me- top, shorts, souvenirs
  10. National park pass – $7
  11. Dentist- 2x a year.. $17
  12. haircut 4x a year.. $10
  13. Car maintenance (oil changes) $250
  • Total monthly expenses- $830
  • That’s it! No rent or mortgage, no entertainment except ‘FREE’ and $80 a year park pass, no restaurant meals except fast food, no utilities, no clothing budget.. unfortunately no health care as I really can’t afford it.

    I have a small savings for emergencies.. I have saved income from my business (holiday season in the fall is my busiest and most lucrative time of year) to cover monthly expenses for 6 months.

    I have worked

    First job as a camp host..

    a side job as a camp host for almost 2 months and moving in to another seasonal job now in Utah to continue to have that buffer of 6-9 months income. If my car passes on😊 things will be squeaky tight to replace Serenity. I will need to tap into my buffer though with the holiday season right around the corner I should be able to recover pretty quickly and re fill my tank.

    As you can see; my expenses are minimal; I don’t have much wiggle room though I am living life large. Since starting this nomad journey and living in my car I have visited 7 National parks, 4 new states and made many new friends.. what I like to refer to as ‘my tribe’. You can not put a price on experiences and friendships.

    Life is good and their is definitely joy in the journey. Lately I have been telling people that my life is not getting any longer so I am embracing going and doing now as God blesses me with another day. 😊

    a ‘no words’ beauty.. Swift Creek in Snoqualmie-Mt Baker National Forest, WA

    I hope you too will make your days count in a way that makes you feel like you are living life ‘large’ with new experiences and friendships.. priceless!

    smiles and joy,


    3 thoughts on “Living life large with a small budget

    1. Hi Linda
      I just saw you on a video with Bob Wells and I just want to say that I am so very happy for you and the lifestyle you’ve chosen. Be well lady and I wish you continued success in your journey of life in your nest!!

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    2. I saw your video .yes indeed,looking to do the same as you. Tired of rent. And other bills day to day, looking I try something different at least while I’m healthy enough

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    3. I know you said that you don’t want any more side jobs but one option for extra money could be house sitting for people that go on vacation and take care of their pets while they are gone. They can be on vacation and don’t have to worry about their house sitting there empty for someone to break into. The cost of pet sitting alone would be worth it to have someone house sit. Plus their pets won’t be stressed being in a boarding facility. You could still do your online business and earn a little extra cash. Just an idea.

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