How Long Will I Do This (Lifestyle)

I had a friend ask me the other day.. How long will you do this? I believe she was referring to this lifestyle I’ve chosen living in my car. It’s a fair question and one that I would surely ask of a friend or a family member too if they had chosen this ‘unconventional’ lifestyle as I have.

Living full time in my car and traveling the country!

Guess what! I don’t have a definitive answer except to know that when I started out on this journey of ‘New Beginnings’ that I made a decision to at least try it out for one year then re-evaluate whether I want to keep on keepin on down the road. I do have this lifestyle ‘bug’ so God willing.. I’m going to keep on keepin on!

In awe of God’s magnificent masterpiece

Many years ago I attended a convention with a direct sales company that I worked for as an independent contractor. A dear friend of mine was one of the main stage speakers. the title of her speech was “It’s always too soon to quit”. I will never forget that title as it is relevant to many things we choose to do in life. I feel that any amount of time shorter than a year would be quitting too soon.

Why? you may ask.

It seems to me that something so different as living in a car by choice when I’ve never done anything remotely like this; needs a chance. A chance to get use to, a chance to travel and see the country, a chance for God to work out all the details of how He wants to use me, who He wants to put in my path and what He wants me to do next. I don’t want to try and put God on a timeline. It wouldn’t work anyhow!

So as long as nothing unforseen happens; a year in Serenity Sedan is a good start.

‘Serenity Sedan’ is her name.. Serene and Simple life is my game😊
Sept 15 we (Serenity and I) celebrate a year of sweet bliss off the treadmill into the great unknown. Perhaps we start all over again on year 2 countdown. That’s the way we roll in this new lifestyle.. a happy traveler, nomad, gypsy soul.. living one day at a time and looking forward to the journey on down the road!

Incredible views.. never get enough

My hope and wish for you is that you too are able to live one day at a time and embrace a ‘serene and simple life’.. however that may look for you.

smiles and joy,


4 thoughts on “How Long Will I Do This (Lifestyle)

  1. Just saw you on YouTube with Bob at CheapRVLiving – and wanted to applaud your wise decision, after all these years, to “go for it” and get off the economic merry-go-round that is no longer “merry”! 😉 Also, please note; the part on here where you heard God’s voice telling you to forget the van and instead use your car as your “nest” 🙂 – the date you state is in July 2019… a typo you may want to edit (I’m assuming you meant 2018). Being a former secretary, I notice things; no offense meant towards you. Your site here is beautiful and well done, it really flows. I wish you well on your journey and look forward to checking out the daily inspiration cards you spoke of in the video with Bob. Love and blessings, Bo

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    1. That’s how I discovered Linda also. I noticed the date should be 2018 to. I’m so happy she’s having such a wonderful journey


    2. Such beautiful thoughts that give the heart joy and hope to the struggling. Thanks for sharing your journey and yourself so the people like me can learn and stimulate the imagination enjoying God’s great outdoor.


  2. Saw your simple life YouTube channel and subscribed. I am 68 and zero debts and no mortgage. Your nomadic life intrigues me. Watching rusty78609 and his nomads way is having a home base with a small lot he can park his Casita trailer on with hookups. Anytime he can just hook it up and go out west. On a side note I bought a heavy duty 9×12 Kodiak tent. It has a 7ft ceiling and traveling by car or van one can set it up easily at sites and have plenty of room. I suggest this quality tent. Mine is a cabin tent but for some they may like flex bow. I got mine on Craigslist for $325. New they ru. About $600. Again tent concept is better in my opinion. I prefer KOA or places with electric and water hookups. Found out that you can even get a small a.c. unit for tent since canvas can hold air better. Being retired I ride my bike to the gym and I like having my home as a refuge to stay. I can live off my social security easily. Having Medicare HIM plan my gym membership is free. Dental care covers up to $1750 a year and all my meds are free. I can also go to VA. I also paid $10 a few years ago for a park pass. Anyway think about possibly getting a larger van or smaller RV when you can. The kodiak tent would be ideal if you stick with a car.

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