10 months full time car dweller.. gypsy/digital nomad Living a Life of Abundance.. richer than I’ve ever been!

New friends, experiences, travel, living life in nature.. 10 months today (July 15, 2019) .. I can honestly say I am living a life of abundance and richer than I have ever been.

Scenery is always changing.. just when I think it can’t get any better!

When I left sticks and bricks on September 15, 2018 I did not know the magnitude of the new gifts I would behold. The journey thus far has been enriching and rewarding.

I have experienced new joys in traveling that had I still been living in sticks and bricks with rent or mortgage payments would not have been possible. Since leaving behind life as I knew it I have visited 13 National parks, 3 National Monuments, countless city parks, beautiful libraries, breathtaking scenery and more.

As the saying goes- at the right place at the right time!

Daily; I have met people from all over the country as well as a few from other countries too! Everyone has a wonderful story to share.. I wish I could remember them all. I receive and remember bits and pieces of other’s journey. My heart sings with meeting people from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

Met these fascinating people during the Rubber Tramp Rendevous 2019

Sitting or walking for hours in nature refreshes and renews my soul. There truly is healing in nature. I’m experiencing it on a regular basis.

Serenity at its best

It is not possible to put a dollar value on these cherished moments, places and people. Each day is priceless and the gift of being in nature and outdoors with no financial strain is one of the reasons that I hold fast to the fact that I am living a life of abundance and richer than I’ve ever been.

Special moments to behold

My wish for you is that you are or would experience life’s greatest gifts that are abundant and all free.. experiences ~ friendships ~ nature

smiles and joy,


4 thoughts on “10 months full time car dweller.. gypsy/digital nomad Living a Life of Abundance.. richer than I’ve ever been!

  1. I’ve been living the gypsy life for two years now, in a small van with my two cats and one dog. Like you, I trust.
    The rewards are immense.
    All I have to do is surrender to my Inner Guidance. That is my learning☺

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  2. You bring a smile to my face and heart. One day, I will venture out on my own and with God. You are an inspiration to those who need encouraging. God bless you and keep you near His heart.

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  3. What a blessing you & your videos are to soooooooo many, sweet Linda!!! I would like to send you a picture of a cute “she shed,” you call them, I say Minimicro House!! On wheels, complete with a back porch, covered over, with 2 white columns!! Also blessed with an extra vehicle: 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, both have cold a/c, heat!! 615-594-1131 24/7 prayer line! Praise God for all the blessings!!! Margie/Smyrna, Tennessee (45 minutes south of Nashville!)

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