Second Leg of the Journey..dreams~ fun and more

Statistically we live to be 78.7 according to Fortune If I live to be 78.7 years old I have approximately 17.3 years left on planet earth.  That doesn’t feel like much time yet when you make the most of every day it’s an abundant amount of time to fullfill dreams, make a difference and have fun. Yes statistically my life is over 3/4 behind me or with 1/4 left (God willing) to live my best years yet!

As I chose to live a life as a nomad and set out into the great unknown September 2018 I have felt like I am on the second leg of my journey. The first leg into adulthood was a marriage of 9 years then raising 2 children as a single mom while keeping a roof over our head with sticks and bricks. That span of time was approximately 19 years give or take when my daughter got married and my role as a mom ceased to exist as I knew it.. being needed to console, advise or help as most mothers want to do in their kids lives. I now consider myself as just plain single as being ‘married’ and ‘divorced’ feels like a lifetime ago.

Now instead of the mom role I’m a grandma to 3 sweet peas. I love and miss them dearly but I have been called to live life off the grid as a nomad. Only God knows for how long. My gypsy soul is indeed the second leg of my journey. It was a necessary decision for my sanity as well as my finances. My business needed a financial lift and my spirit needed a boost.

rejoice~ relax~ rejuvenate
this about sums it up😊

Being on the second leg of my journey is very exciting. I’ve been given a second chance to have a new beginnings with fresh insights and opportunities.. I’m looking forward to writing a happy ending to this second leg.. off the tread mill into the great unknown.

What does your dreams, fun and more look like? I wish all of it for you.

smiles and joy,


3 thoughts on “Second Leg of the Journey..dreams~ fun and more

  1. You are one awesome lady. Just found your channel and have been watching for 2 days now and haven’t got anything done here! When I was your age, I did the same thing but in an RV with all the comforts. It was great but all good things come to an end. I’m from Montana and relocated to SE Arizona 2 years ago, just couldn’t deal with the cold and snow any longer. I love Montana and miss it a lot but not the winters. So glad you got a chance to see some of it. I’m guessing you will work your way south as the weather gets colder wherever you are now. If our paths should ever cross it would be a pleasure to sit and talk over a cup of “real coffee” not that instant stuff.I do understand why you do that. I shall continue to look forward to you latest adventures. May the best day of your life be the next. Safe travels. A big hug and an “atta girl”. Norm

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  2. Hi this is September 15th 2019 my name is Jenny and I’ve been looking for a way to comment on your videos and for whatever reason there is nowhere that it will let me comment on your videos on my phone anyway. In about 18 months I’m headed your way I’ve already started Gathering of things I will need. Anyway just like to say it’s awesome you’re making the best what’s given you. I live in the Ozark Mountains in a TT right now though I do own two properties I like my TT. I’m surrounded by beautiful parks and you are more than welcome to come and park anytime and maybe we could explore the local Beauty together. I like you enjoy my own company but sometimes you like to share the beauty you’ve come in contact with. Feel free to check me out at my YouTube @Crazee Countre Couponer or email or pm me if you’d like just to have an intelligent chat or FB > Perfect Moments
    Til then be safe, be loved be free.


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