What Day of the Week is It? Doing this lifestyle right

No WiFi, no cell service, no calendar, no clocks.. just the chirping of birds, the sound of the running river, and an occasional vehicle rolling by.. What day of the week is it? On most days I’m really not sure unless it’s time to leave my campsite and hit the road for new exploring and experiences.

My camp host site at Red Bridge, WA

They say you are doing this lifestyle right if you don’t have a clue what day of the week it is or even the time of day for that matter! Hmm.. I think I have fulfilled the necessary requirements for doing this gypsy nomad life right!

As a camphost I am required to keep track of my work time, list reservations and complete a spreadsheet each week of money brought in. So I guess you could say In a business sense I am mostly aware of the day of the week. Time not so much.. the days fly by and before I know it the month is gone. This happens in a conventional lifestyle as well but the feeling of paying attention to time seems less important.

The campers are always coming and going here.. it’s a full house most of the summer. One group leaves and another appears. Before I know it the weekend is here or gone and the cycle continues..

Mt. Baker~Snoqualmie National Forest loop

I am truly digging the lack of pressure that comes with going with the flow.. one day runs into the next.. from cold to warm to semi hot weather car dwelling. Like nature.. in and out of the seasons.. spending the majority of my days outdoors and the evenings tucked comfortably in my nest- ‘Serenity Sedan’.

camp site.. serene and simple

How does your time and days look? Does it move like the sun and the moon in a free flowing, running together way or are your days organized and structured?

Sunrise at Mt Rainer

They say that time is our most precious commodity and of course none of us know how much time or how many days we have. My wish for you is that the movement of your days and time is fulfilling and meaningful. It is truly to be savored and enjoyed however it moves for you.

smiles and joy,


4 thoughts on “What Day of the Week is It? Doing this lifestyle right

  1. I hope you were able to see the Northern Lights visible on 8/5/19 from Mt Baker. There’s an Aurora Borealis Washington State Facebook page if you’re interested. 🙂


  2. I was just in Washington this last week! Wanted to go to Mt Rainer , but just couldn’t . Thank you for sharing ! Loved it! God is blessing you as you bless others!

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