Renew~Refresh~Rejuvenate.. ‘God winks’

As the temperatures started to climb in AZ I began making plans where to head next. A few people along this journey have asked me if I had ever been to Lake Mead; that it was stunning. Well the answer was ‘no’. I don’t particularly like that word.. I think It has something to do with having a negative connotation to me and somehow not getting my way😄. I was was ready to say ‘Yes’ to Lake Mead. It was through an unlikely moment at the  laundromat bumping into a new buddy I met while hiking who recommended Six Mile  Cove in Lake Mead National recreation area. Sounded to me like a new home to renew, refresh and rejuvenate.

Spent 4 days here.. totally ‘unplugged’.. no WiFi.. no cell..

As part of this new rejuvenate journey I have been writing a lot, working my you tube channel answering lots of questions! I’ve also been staying happily busy making new friends, learning about them and sharing stories of life with one another. Now it was just going to be me, myself and I experiencing a different kind of ‘refresh and rejuvenate’.

Lake Mead

I had just purchased a ‘America the Beautiful ‘ the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass. I was stoked! It would be my first time using it. Wahoo.. drive in through.. no fees! My kind of sight seeing!

Scenery I could stare at all day

Recently I have been talking to a friend who has shared with me what she calls ‘God winks’. Running into my new friend Monty at the laundromat, us chattering about where we had all been and where to go next was what I would call a God wink!

I spent 3 glorious days at Six Mile Cove. I read a 200 page novel in a day and a half. A reading record for me! I practiced some new crochet stitches and stared out on the lake being entertained by kite and wind surfing. Free shows, fresh air and a freedom I presented myself to ‘do nothing’. A hard one for me!

Who will I talk to?😉🤔

I took off down the road for another beauty about 60 miles away. As I was packing up a new friend walked by. I casually mentioned I was heading on down the road but not sure where. He told me about the ‘Overton Arm’ and they like to go to Stewart’s Landing. I truly have no clue about these places; even if I looked at a map or knew how to read one! OMG! Could this be another God wink? 2 in one week? I set up home for another 3 days.. basking in the Nevada sun, listening to the still of the lake, reading and staring out on the massive lake and magnificent mountains lining the exterior. Once again I felt the warmth of God’s love, providing me yet another opportunity to renew, refresh and rejuvenate.

On to St George, Utah next.

Love to library hop on this journey!

Along the way I drove through Hoover Dam, Red Rock Picnic area and a couple magnificent over looks. The kind that draw you in like a magnet.

After all the beauty and serenity of the prior week I decided to spend a few nights just hanging out at Pilots with Burger King connected..

cozy and comfortable sleep!

no setting up my dressing room or fighting with the fiercely blowing winds that were upon us. It was a re-group time. I hunkered down in my nest and worked on my crochet skills. The rumbling of 18 Wheelers trucks coming and going was calming to me.. like white noise. I rested peacefully enjoying the coming and going of vehicles. I spent a half day in Burger king using their free wi-fi to back up my phone while finishing up my first crochet beanie hat!

Andy modeling the first of many!

Quite a contrast; but nevertheless I found complete joy as I focused on a new hobby. My plan is to crochet beanies while working my seasonal jobs in Washington and Utah to give away in the fall to some homeless shelters.

Where do you go to renew, refresh and rejuvenate? Do you experience God wink moments? My wish for you is that you have those ‘places’ and you do.☀️❤️

smiles and joy,


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One thought on “Renew~Refresh~Rejuvenate.. ‘God winks’

  1. Hello Linda, my name is Jenny Maynard AKA Crazee Countre Couponer on YouTube I’m also an avid will be nomad. I’ve been following you almost from the start. Currently I’m stationary on some property I bought in Arkansas. I have two places in picturesque mountains of Ozark Arkansas. And I live in my TT on one of my properties. Which by the way if you’re ever traveling this way you are more than welcome to stop by. It would be a pleasure to entertain a like soul. There’s a lot to see and do here and a lot of places that you could Boondock you if you needed to that’s just an FYI. I’m not sure why but your frequency resonates with me. Maybe all of us when we reach a certain age become of a like mind I’m not sure, but if you have the time and inclination I would like to get together on a chat. I do not normally chat with people unless they have business with me. There’s something about you and what you do intrigues me and you may be my Gods wink as you put it. So if you like you can check me out on my Facebook or my YouTube. I just want to say thank you I enjoy my time I spend with you and sharing your journey. Just last week I did my first overnight outing in my vehicle which by the way is very roomy like a giant tent and you encourage me to do that. I could have got a motel room my kids said I was crazy, my other said I was stupid but I said my life is getting short and I’m ready for some Adventure Tiny Steps. I had a great time like you I enjoy my own company. Girl is comments getting too long so if you’re inclined contact me. Safe travels to you Splendid views be yours, and seeing yourself for the beauty you are.

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