Staying put.. how do I cope?

As kids wrapped up school the 2nd and 3rd week of June I decided it was time to stay put at my campsite home on my days off.

My home at Red Bridge campground

One of the guests here at the campground said the crowds would be massive at the hot spots in WA; like the National parks.

Until then I had been taking off for extended road trips.. utilizing every moment I had till I needed to be back on the job. Sometimes I would take off Tuesday evening after a short day of work and return early am on Friday to gear up for a busy weekend. I enjoyed the memories made and now I am savoring the quickly passing summer months as I moved on to Utah for another seasonal job.

The days got long outdoors when staying put. They definitely were long when I lived the house or apartment life. When boredom or loneliness creeps in I find errands to run. I’m constantly needing to fill my business orders in a timely manner. Here in Utah I work inside a store so the outdoors is a new treat!

I had a routine of sorts to while away the passing hours while in WA. I took smaller over nite day trips to fill time. Google voice is my friend to find local ‘parks near me’. I love a store bought salad at a picnic table!

Marked down salad from Walmart.. my favorite 💛

In addition I have been working on crocheting afghans for Christmas gifts and keeping up with crocheting a couple beanies per week to give to some homeless shelters at Christmas time. I love sitting on my camp chair or at the picnic table to work at my new hobby.

❤️ my new hobby.. very relaxing😊

Staying put in one location with the closest internet and cell connection over 17 miles away had its challenges as well as its perks. At my job now in Utah I have WiFi and cell! Like anything in life; you choose how you want it to turn out; good or bad; barring unexpected circumstances.

I asked God to ‘slow down the train’ in my life with what I feel I need to do and accomplish. Staying put at the camp host job has definitely helped me to let go of the need to always feel like I should be going somewhere or doing something. Long time coming! I’m grateful for these days of doing nothing or at least ‘next to nothing’😊

My wish for you is that you too can enjoy the ‘doing nothing’ parts of life and be content in nature and in the quiet moments of life.

smiles and joy,


3 thoughts on “Staying put.. how do I cope?

  1. I think you are amazing Linda. I have learned so much from your videos. I totally get your beliefs regarding your children. I feel the exact same way.
    Just lost my job and your videos are giving me the peace to know that it is possible to live and travel in your vehicle. Thank you. Laura Cornell if you are ever in Kitchener ON we would love to take you out for supper.

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  2. This is the only place I have found to comment. Never done this before and am apparently not good at navigating this kind of site. Can you please tell me where to find any videos on the equipment you use in your car? I have a top 10 essentials playlist broken down into 3 parts..Top 10 Essentials full time car dwelling.. Part l..


  3. Hi Linda. Love your chanel. I was wondering why your uploads are so old? Why don’t you show them recent. I would love to know what your doing now not three months ago. What about your job you were going too. Every one else uploads are withend the day. Thanks.. short answer Safety.. some are within days.. travels don’t matter and they are only a couple weeks out.. not 3 months ago.. I am at my new job though I’m not going to show it till I’m gone.. you will find that out yourself if you grow a channel too.. I watch a lot of videos as well and if they are at a fixed location for a bit they are not uploading within days.. the tour Bob did of me was taken in February 😊


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