One year in.. heading east! Sedan is still serene!

Where oh where has this last year gone since I took off to experience life as a gypsy-nomad; living full time in my car? It disappeared in a flash! All I know is I have saved $7200.00 that otherwise would have been ‘rent down the drain.’ One year in and now headed east. Acura Sedan is still serene.

into the great unknown

I have seen more and done more in the last 12 months than I’ve done in the last 12 years combined.. visited 11 states, 14 National parks, 4 national monuments, completed easy and moderate hikes providing great exercise,

even in the snow.. very little..
new hiking boots half way through the journey

experienced breathtaking views all the while taking in fresh air and God’s masterpiece to feed my heart and soul.

the first of 14 National Parks.. Joshua Tree in CA
Arizona sunsets.. God’s gorgeous art work
The first of the ‘mighty 5’ Zion National Park in Utah
spectacular waterfalls in Boise, Idaho

When not checking out new sights I’ve dropped in many city parks,

my favorite! Wyoming!

libraries and stopped in adorable small towns across the west.

Leavenworth, WA.. bears, bears and more bears.. the friendly kind!

beautiful Mukilteo
Couer d’Alene

Throughout my solo journey I’ve chit chatted with people from all over the country and world. I’ve shared my journey, received their ‘in awe’ .. good vibes.. ‘you go girl’ thoughts on what I’m doing. It is very rewarding to learn about and hear other’s stories as well.

It has been a year full of unexpected blessings and rewards.

Serenity Sedan and I along with my co-pilot Andy bear

Andy.. named from the old hymn.. ‘and He’ walks with me ‘and-He’ talks with me..

are on our way to the far north east tip of the USA.. 2700 miles from Utah to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. God willing; with Him as my navigator perhaps we will stop in Nebraska, Iowa and Michigan along the way.

I don’t know for sure but I have this gut feeling this may be my last extended trip with Serenity. Not because she is nearing her lifespan but that God has a new vehicle in mind for me as I continue this nomad journey. She is climbing close to 200,000 miles; putting on 14,000 new miles since our launch September 15, 2018.

I’m still asking God for direction and a decision as I consider the purchase of an SUV to head out into year two. Serenity has been good to me; no mechanical challenges or repairs thus far. Super comfortable and reliant.. I want to have her to call ‘home’ for just a little longer.

God knows! We’ll see where and how we go into the great unknown 2020.

Wishing you new experiences.. people, places, memories to call your own in your upcoming year!☀️💛

smiles and joy,


2 thoughts on “One year in.. heading east! Sedan is still serene!

  1. I love how you named your bear. I must have missed hearing you say that before. I love it. I have enjoyed seeing you through a big part of your year and trying to watch videos I missed.
    My prayers are with you on year 2 of you exciting wonderful life!
    God Bless You my Christian sister.

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  2. Hi Linda!
    I came upon your blog after seeing the car living YouTube interview…you are such an inspiration to me! After spending the last 4 yrs caring for my husband, then dad as they passed away at home, I am in a huge transition season seeking the LORD in the way I’m to go. I am also an entrepreneur at heart. Oh to be free from the rat race of this world! Your testimony gives me hope! Anyway, many blessings on you in your adventures!!! Val from Cinti Ohio

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