Power.. How do I keep it all juiced up and ready to go?

How does one manage as a full time car dweller without buried, covered and grounded wires; that wonderful Thomas Edison invention called electricity? The thoughts of full time car dwelling without having wall outlets was definitely daunting when I made the decision to hit the road full time in my car. Lap top, I pad, kindle, I phone, fan, light.. oh my! How would I keep it all juiced up with power and ready to go?

I researched a lot! You tube and asking questions in the various face book groups I am part of were my first attempt to figure it all out. The answers came one by one as I considered space in Serenity (my Acura Sedan) finances and ease of use.

You can watch my video on Serene and Simple Life channel if you like https://youtu.be/Nxs6iktMwVM

There are 3 main items I purchased and one gift to be able to maintain sufficient power for my devices mentioned above.

All my assorted items that require or give power!

1. Jackery- Lithium battery bank.. referred to as an ‘All in One’ plug and play.. 2 USB ports, an AC plug, 12 Volt, DC

Jackery ‘all in one’ plug and play

2. Jackery solar panel to go hand in hand with the Jackery.. a gift from my son.. Oh for the love of sunny days! It is a 50 watt panel. Over the course of 8 hours in full sunlight the Jackery battery bank can be fully charged. It also has a USB port built in. There are times I utilize a sunny day to not only charge my battery bank back up but to charge my I phone or portable battery bank as well. Voila! The sun does its thing and I have fully charged devices. I could never have imagined I’d be living in a time of solar energy let alone relying on and using it!

Powering up Jackery!

3. Anker brand battery bank.. consists of 2 USBs to be able to charge my phone 6-8 times. It’s very cool as there are 4 light up dots to see the level of charge capacity.

Anker battery bank

4. Best Tek brand inverter.. 300 Watt.. when on a long road trip I plug the inverter into my cigarette lighter.. then plug whatever needs charging into the inverter.. be it phone, battery bank, lap top, I pad, kindle or even Jackery. The inverter has one AC outlet for the lap top or Jackery and two USB ports.

Bestek 300 watt inverter

That’s it! Simple and easy to understand, space savers and ready in an instant to use anytime. It wasn’t always this simple. I had days when I would get twisted up on what’s what. Over all I have found that the more you use something the more accustomed and easier it gets. Life 101!

If you like; I’m an amazon influencer and receive a small percentage of what you purchase just by clicking on any one of the links or just shop here: https://amazon.com/shop/sereneandsimplelife You don’t even have to purchase the exact item(s). As long as you use one link Amazon will give us a reward for sharing. Thank you in advance too!

I encourage you to start with the bare minimums like I did if thoughts of power intimidates you. You can always add more power or solar to your rig as you go. We are in a fascinating era of many different options to meet your power needs. Go forth! Blessings in your day and power on!



One thought on “Power.. How do I keep it all juiced up and ready to go?

  1. I recently found myself houseless. I watch Bob alot.And recently saw you. Iam 66 , scared . What next you make it look so easy. Bill


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