Hygiene.. Is it possible to stay fresh and clean without access to a shower?🤔

One of my biggest concerns in choosing to live full time in my car was how would I stay clean and where would I be able to indulge in a hot shower? Over the course of the last year I think I have figured it out! I have found that it is possible to stay and feel fresh and clean even when I have no access to a shower!

I have named the 3 ways I stay ‘hygentically clean’ GOOD~ BETTER ~ BEST

1. Good- baby wipes.. quick and easy.. daily wash

2. Better- large spray bottle and basin

Shower bag, simple essentials
  • 3. Best- showers.. Here are my ‘go tos’ while traveling..
    • Recreation Centers
    A favorite in Moab
    Lovely city.. St George, Utah
    In many cities.. very nice!
    • I ask Google- ‘showers near me’
    • I’ve always been of the philosophy- anything is possible if you want it bad enough. I was bound and determined to let go if a life of mortgages and rent that kept me in ‘the poor house’ as my dad use to say.. I have found a way to be clean, feel clean and stay clean without showers on a regular basis. I don’t miss showers; I’m just very grateful when I find one as it turns into a big blessing for the day! It’s the little things.. when you are without then you tend to appreciate things even more when you do receive them.
    • Here is the 4th and 5th videos from Serene and Simple Life on ‘hygiene and makeup’ in the series ‘Short and Sweet Saturday’ – food- power- clothing- hygiene- makeup

      make-up- https://youtu.be/ODVACFm-NOY

      I wish you that feeling of gratitude you experience when good things come your way that may easily be taken for granted.. like a shower!😀

    • smiles and joy,
    • Linda
    • This about sums it up!

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