Life without the luxuries.. back to where it all began..

It has been 14 months since I left a life of luxuries to pursue a ‘God calling’ life in a car as my only home. Today I am back to where it all began.

Serenity Sedan in familiarity

I’m sitting in Serenity Sedan now in complete serenity after enjoying a salad I picked up at Walmart. Stationery at a familiar park where before leaving Texas December 25, 2018 I would hang out to journal, work, have instant coffee and lunch or dinner.

a life of luxury with fresh air in the park

Sometimes I would just drift off into never never land for a few to contemplate what was ahead. Truly a life without what I now call ‘luxuries’.. tv, microwave, regular showers, and a bathroom all my own.

simple picnic fun!

There are exciting times ahead. I feel it in my soul. God is healing my spirit; revealing new truths, strengthening my soul and pruning me for the next season to come as a full time gypsy nomad living in a vehicle. I am humbled to be able to be used by Him and offer my help to others looking for a ‘new beginnings’.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be visiting my son and his family (daughter-in-law and grand sweet pea) as well as my daughter and 2 grand sweet peas. I’m looking forward to fun reunions and making new memories to store in my heart when the time gets too long before seeing them again. I’m grateful for this new day and this precious opportunity.

I’m very busy with craft show season. 3 shows behind me now and 2, perhaps 3 to go.

show time!

gift giving time!

During the week I will be hanging out at the library working on my Say It Display It®️business, blogging and producing new videos for Serene and Simple Life

A preview of up and coming productions on ‘Sit and Share Sunday’ is returning ..

  • Storage show and tell.. everything I own in one 7 X 10 metal box
  • sharing my thoughts and opinion about home ownership
  • show business season with the who, what, where of it all
  • 40 days and 7500 miles after leaving Utah.. what I did and where I went
  • A Surprise! God’s perfect timing
  • A new permanent address!

I hope you will continue to join me on this journey. As always I will be blogging my video productions as I post them on my Serene and Simple Life channel. My heart’s desire is that I would empower, encourage and inspire you to live your best life and live life large no matter the luxuries you may or may not have.. today or down the road on your journey.

Blessings in your day..

smiles and joy,


living life large.. one day at a time

4 thoughts on “Life without the luxuries.. back to where it all began..

  1. Hi Linda,
    Just checking in to let you know I’m still enjoying your YouTube channel. Following along with your adventure up to the north east and visiting with your family. I pray that you have a beautiful visit.

    I am still in prayer about whether or not to travel out west to the RTR. I am very happy that they have decided to have it in Arizona again versus California. This will make my decision a little easier. I am keeping a very close watch on processes and how it relates to our current times.

    May God bless you and your journey.
    SpiritWinds and Peaceful Landings

    Kathy Lee aka SpiritWind Vue


  2. Hi Linda, many blessings!! Still enjoying your YouTube videos!! God bless you and Jesus is Lord!! If you want to stay somewhere for free, call me; I can’t receive text messages nor do I subcribe to Messenger on Facebook! My little camper & minimicro “she-shed” are 4 minutes from I-840 Smyrna Exit, where I live. Praise God for all the blessings!! Aaamen!! 615-594-1131 Margie


  3. Margie! You aren’t really very far from me! Always good to make a connection with a Christian who is like minded in life style! God bless you! Oh. I’m in Bowling Green Ky.

    SpiritWinds and Peaceful Landings!

    Kathy Lee. Aka SpiritWind


    1. I’m 45 minutes south of Nashville, Tn. Praise God for all the blessings!! You have an incredibly blessed day Kathy Lee!! All glory to God!!!


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