My home away from home

Over the course of the last week I have been hanging out and working at my favorite indoor spot. I’ve probably put in close to 20 hours sitting in my favorite chair (next to my luxurious seat in ‘Serenity Sedan’). The library is my ‘home away from home’ while back to Texas for 6 or 7 weeks.

I’m so grateful to be able to focus and get stuff accomplished all the while looking outside through the beautiful, big windows!

Serenity in the Library

I’ve been working on several different projects. One is updating some of the backgrounds with photos I have taken all over the country in 2019 in the current themed collections of the Say It Display It®️line.. launching in 2020!

In addition we’re also adding 3 new themes to the current line in 2020..

1. ‘The Mighty Five’ Utah National Parks

2. Serene and Simple Life Travels

3. Nomad

‘The Mighty Five’ Utah National Parks themed collection sample
  • Serene and Simple Life©️ Travels theme sample
    ‘Nomad’ themed collection sample

    Serene and Simple Life©️ has an updated line of T shirts!

    6 different sayings to choose from!

    In addition we have totes, pillows, journals, mugs, water bottles, canvas plaques, stationery, stickers, phone cases, shower curtains, bath mats and much more . All designed with stunning photographs with the sayings Serene and Simple Life is best known for😊

    Sampling of what’s available in the Vlogs on her channel

    You can find all of these fun, useful and practical products @ https://redbubble/people/sayitdisplayit They make unique and fabulous gifts!

    Photographs are from Serene and Simple Life’s travels in 2019

    I feel very humbled and blessed to be able to share some of God’s magnificent beauty that I was able to capture on this 20,000 mile, 31 states journey this past year.

    I hope you will take a look and see if there may be something you would enjoy having or perhaps giving as a gift..

    Changing lives one saying at a time! You may just be the catalyst for change in someone else’s life. Thank you for your support and taking time out of your busy life to see what we are up to!

    I hope you find joy in your journey and blessings in your day wherever you like to hang out or at a special home away from home you may have too!☀️💛😊



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