It’s that time of year again! My top 5!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday.. I never was one much to participate in the ‘hoopla’ of these occasions. Though It always seemed like a fun thing to do.. run around (drive 😊) in the madness to snatch up the best items at the best prices. It’s that time of year again!

In Black Friday I’m going to do as I always have.. even as a car dweller.. stay parked while others run around and literally shop till they drop. No wait! I’m going to be visiting my son, daughter-in-law and my grand sweet pea in CA.

I’m going to live a life of pure luxury for a few days and hang out in a hotel that my son has graciously offered to pay for. They do say when someone wants to do something for you.. allow them otherwise you are robbing them of a blessing!😊

I don’t want to wear out my welcome and be under their feet so coming and going will be great! I will spend Thanksgiving with them.. offer to watch sweetpea.. visit as they see fit.. no bombardment just bliss..

I imagine I will partake of cyber Monday to find some ‘SCORES’ that are on my needs list for this coming year as I continue ‘full time’ car dweller lifestyle.

Disclosure: You may already be aware that I am an amazon affiliate. Which simply means that if you choose to click on the link here I will receive a small percentage from Amazon for doing my part to influence you to shop Amazon! Even if you choose other items.. if you are on the link to my store then it’s a SCORE for Serene and Simple Life. Thank you in advance!

I applied to become an influencer with Amazon and was accepted. This means that all of the items that I use (and love) are in one place.. one store.. here is the link-

I’d be remiss not to share with you my top 5 favorites.. something for everyone.. great gifts for friends and family who are full time living in a real home, a tiny home and RV, or a real vehicle home😊

No particular order:

1. Steering wheel tray! $11.. eat, work and play while hanging out in your vehicle! The best invention ever!

Can’t live without! It’s a necessity!

stable! sturdy! secure! All in a morning’s routine
Steering wheel table in action

2. 7 in 1 safety tool..Never be without! I keep this tool in my glovebox. Seat belt cutter, window breaker, Emergency blinker to hang on car door outside vehicle, Hand crank charger, flashlight and more! Carry something like this and hopefully you’ll never be in an emergency situation!

7 in1.. Security in your vehicle/rig at all times!

3. Neck light

– the coolest invention ever.. hang around your neck or hang on the steering wheel.. viola! Light to read, work on hobbies, snack!It twists and bends to hang anywhere!

No more turning on the overhead interior lights!

4. Anker battery bank- goes with me everywhere.. in my purse, inside my pocket charging my phone on the go.. phone losing its charge in Target while trying to use their ‘red card’ app to check out or to scan the deals? No problem! Battery bank to the rescue!

Charges my phone, I pad and more!

5. 12 Volt kettle! On the go driving and need some hot water for your favorite beverage? Have your tea bags, instant coffee or powder mix handy.. in 10 minutes you will have your favorite drink ready to enjoy.. no need to spend money or look for a truck stop to meet your hot water needs!

A must have 12 Volt hot water kettle!

BONUS for all you contemporary nomads and solar lovers! The Jackery ‘all in one’ power bank and 50 Watt solar panel! Charges my laptop, I pad, kindle, phone, neck light and more!

Charging her up in the park

‘Jackery’ is sitting right beside the solar panel.. charging!

I will be posting a video on my channel on Thanksgiving of all these cool items (taken at my favorite park in Texas) .. so if you like subscribe and click the bell for updates.. Incase you didn’t know😊

Whatever you decide to do or not do on Black Friday and Cyber Monday make it a great weekend of family, friends, love and hope.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings in your day and joy in the journey..

smiles and joy,


2 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again! My top 5!

  1. My brother and I went out West and did some car camping. We had a large 9 x 12 x 7ft high Kodiak Canvas tent and had plenty of room in it for two. I was wondering why you don’t use a tent you can set up next to the car if your at a camp site or secluded area. This way your not all crammed up in your vehicle and got space. I also had a twin size air mattress that is 22 inches thick. Easy to sit on and get off of. Just a suggestion

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  2. Hoping to hear from you Linda, while you’re still in Tennessee; saw where you were in Gatlanburg!!! Blessings from the Lord while you continue your travels and being such an encouragement to sooo many people!! If you wanted to head down this way, I’m 4 minutes away from Walmart, Smyrna, Tn.!!!!


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