Pop up store.. fun at Aafes headquarters

It has been an awesome stay sharing (and selling) Say It Display It®️ daily inspiration cards at the headquarters of the Aafes stores in Dallas, Texas. This is our second year here with a ‘pop up store’ set up on 3 tables, for 3 weeks.. We exhibit for one week on, one week off from early November through mid December.

Store front at Aafes Headquarters

From 8am till 6:30ish I hangout outside the food court and share all about the product with employees as they walk by headed for their morning coffee at Starbucks or at lunchtime at Subway or Burger King. It’s not a bustling show but more a one on one opportunity to chat with employees when they have time.

I engage with passerbys.. asking them if they have 30 seconds to share what I’m doing and what the display is all about..

my pitch- 30 different messages in a deck.. rotate them out daily for a different message each day.. 2 different sizes (I have a display of 2 cards showing the example).. and 2 different styles- (I point to these styles)

1. Stand alone gift.. comes with 30 card deck and fold together display stand

2. keepsake wood box- comes with a deck of 30 daily inspiration cards and sturdy display stand..

then I ask them to play ‘pick one’ from the keepsake wood box, read their message and then display on the boxes stand.. VOILA Say It- Display It®️!

Pick one! displayed here is from the ‘Heart’ themed collection

Cool ways to display your messages!

2 sizes to choose from- 4 X 6 or minis

During my stay I met a merchandising manager. We talked a bit about our lives.. building a friendship. She is going to see how she might be able to get Say It Display It®️into the Aafees stores! We are going to revisit the possibilities in the Spring. I have some work to do to create a pop up retail display to market in stores.

I leave my business set up each night and head back to Serenity Sedan. The evening consists of a cup of hot tea, some time on you tube and then off to bed till the next day.

Set up takes around 1.5 hours. Tear down about an hour. Everything fits inside Serenity Sedan’s basement.. aka trunk😊.

Compact and ready to load up

Here is a video of the tear down and pack it up! Amazing! All fits in Serenity Sedan https://youtu.be/QRApcabA95Y

I made some great display changes where I am finally going to embrace ‘less is more’. For years I have been putting out all the themed collections on 4 different racks for customers to look at to make their decisions. Bottom line.. too much! Moving forward I will be showing off 4 or 5 themes in the 4 X 6 size.. with one rack of mini size decks.. much easier to see and understand (I think) Time will tell. Not sure why it has taken me 4 years to discover a better way!

simple and concise display

If you would like to hear.. a video of the ‘pitch’ the 2 styles of daily inspiration cards and the all new updated display.. https://youtu.be/xWnXZV-aBk8

How about you? Is there something in your life that seems like it has worked forever then.. BAM.. all of a sudden a change is needed?

smiles and joy,


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