2020 price increase.. on line store is downsizing on the roa

Throughout this past year on the road as a full time digital nomad I have been filling on line orders from Amazon; Etsy and the website. I carried all 30 different themes in the Say It Display It®️ line in my home’s garage – aka- trunk… ‘Serenity Sedan’ is her name.

Filling orders
digital nomad life on the road

The product line of themes consists of 2 different size cards and 2 different styles.. the stand alone themed collection or the keepsake wood box with a deck of inspiration cards and a display stand. The inventory consisted of 3 huge IKEA bags filled to the brim.

3 IKEA bags
It’s all in the bags!

I’ve decided this coming year on the road that I need to downsize the amount of themes I carry. Too many choices now! The line will decrease from 30 themes to approximately 15.. 3 of them in the smaller line will be 3 brand new collections:

1.Mighty 5 Utah National Park

2. Nomad

3. Serene and Simple Life Travels

Hopefully; it will be easier to shop with less choices to make to be confused and/or overwhelmed with what you like and what to give others.

In addition; it is necessary to make some small price increases. Until December 15 prices will remain the same as they have since the onset of Say It Display It®️ in 2015.

Please check out https://sayitdisplayit.com now to take advantage of the current prices before the prices go up slightly!

Thank you for your support of my business and sharing with others.. changing lives one saying at a time.. I appreciate you very much.

smiles and joy,


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