How’s ‘Serenity Sedan’ doing?

As many of you may know; last September 15, 2018 I took off for the great unknown with my 2003 Acura TL that I fondly call ‘Serenity Sedan’.

September 2018

The odometer read 184,000 miles. Serenity has been a smooth ride; thankfully with no issues as I hit the road. The only issue was the back brakes were near giving out within one week on the road. Rotors needed to be replaced. Throughout the year I did regular oil changes. That’s it! So; how is ‘Serenity Sedan’ doing? Well; for as long as she’s been around.. I think she’s doing fabulous!

Fast forward 14 months.. she has 209,500 miles on her! Serenity received 4 new tires around 200,000 miles. Just recently one of the headlights somehow got water inside and shorted out the system.. $500 later a shiny new headlight.. along with an alignment and oil change; she is well taken care of.

Still looking good!

How long will I keep her.. hmm.. not sure. People have told me Acura’s can easily hit 300,000 to 350,000 miles.. We’ll see. It is not known how long her transmission replacement will go.. so far it’s been about 90,000 miles since that huge expense!

All I know is Serenity has been cross country 4X, super reliable wheels during 10 years with my Creative Memories business, a great teacher as my daughter learned to drive and many other road travels through the years.

Many meals in Serenity with the steering wheel table!

You can find this treasure of a handy steering wheel table shown here in the photo on Amazon in my store.

Disclosure- I am an affiliate

New Beginnings.. off the treadmill.. into the great unknown.. Tomorrow is a new day and who knows what it will bring😊!

2018 in Arizona where we hung out for a couple months

smiles and joy,


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