What happened to Serenity? Reminisce.. happy/sad

When the time came what would, should I do? It became very clear when talking to my son.. He needed a second vehicle. I decided it would make my heart sing to ask him if he’d like to have Serenity. He happily accepted and said he wanted to give me some financial compensation for it. That was not something I was interested in at all. I told him ‘Serenity’ was my gift to him.

Over Thanksgiving I drove to California to leave her at her at her new home. So what happened to Serenity? My son and wife are the new keepers of what was my home for 14.5 months.

In full view😊

My son said they probably wouldn’t drive her much.. maybe for his wife to hit up Michaels craft store while he is at work. 😊Of course I had to mention that a car does better, lasts longer if you drive it and not let it just sit. He said he was aware of that fact.😊

It is a happy/sad day.. definitely more happy but nevertheless still somewhat sad. I had become the ‘proud owner’ of my second brand new vehicle on a beautiful sunny day in late Spring 2003 in PA.

Reminiscing.. How it all transpired: My shiny red Ford Escort’s transmission had died in my driveway. I had owned the Escort for 13 years.. since the time I became a single mom when the kids were 6 & 2. Off I went with best friend Susan and her husband to the Acura dealer. At the heights of my career with Creative Memories; the dream of owning a beautiful gold Acura was going to become a reality! Not without a $497.63 car payment for 4 long years! Ouch it was in my budget but I planned on keeping my stellar credit. Those years flew by. Now without a car payment for 12 years it is a happy yet sad day as it feels like the Escort is a lifetime ago and the past 16 years with my reliable Acura TL has wizzed by.

Today I drive from Texas to CA where Serenity will still be in the family!

a fun 1500 mile drive

Watch on you tube how I processed my decision to ‘let go’ of familiarity and reliability! https://youtu.be/T3EhLRufK6g

Whether 6 months, 6 years or more it is a happy day to turn over the keys to my son. At 209,188 miles the jury is still out how long she’ll keep going from 0 to 60 in nothing flat.

Proofs in the odometer 😀

For today; she still runs like a winner. And a winner she has been for me as I drove cross country 4 times, daughter learned how to drive with her, hauled my business in her for 10 years and most recent.. my ‘real’ home for the last 14.5 months.

my home while working in Bryce Canyon at Ruby’s Inn

Goodbye sweet Serenity.. maybe we’ll see you again next time I visit.

How long have you had your latest ride? What is the longest time you ever kept a vehicle?

smiles and joy,



3 thoughts on “What happened to Serenity? Reminisce.. happy/sad

  1. If you want a Tiny House, I can bless you with one!! I’m located 45 minutes south of Nashville, Tn., in Smyrna! You can call 615-594-1131. 24/7 prayer as well! God bless you and JESUS is Lord!! Margie


    1. Hi Margie,

      WOW.. you have a tiny home you are letting go of for free? Or are you renting it? Thanks for your offer. I’d be interested in knowing more. Do you have land available if I were to build my own she-shed/cabin.. a 12 X 24 with 6 ft porch is what I’m presently contemplating.

      Thanks again. I appreciate your kindness and support!💛☀️😊

      smiles and joy,


  2. I bought my present car in 2007. Its Toyota Corolla and it still runs well. I did have to replace the serpentine belt, which was kind of a big item. I was on a rare long trip (for me) and it broke. But I went to a ,ocal shop and they fixed it fast at a fair price. I do think God looked out for me that day. But she has never guven me trouble otherwise. I do want to get a new car and /or rv. I have been downsizing my life and possessions since 2006 so maybe the next step will be some kind of nomad life. I will let God lead me.


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