What happened to Serenity? Reminisce.. happy/sad

When the time came what would, should I do? It became very clear when talking to my son.. He needed a second vehicle. I decided it would make my heart sing to ask him if he’d like to have Serenity. He happily accepted and said he wanted to give me some financial compensation for it. That was not something I was interested in at all. I told him ‘Serenity’ was my gift to him.

Over Thanksgiving I drove to California to leave her at her at her new home. So what happened to Serenity? My son and wife are the new keepers of what was my home for 14.5 months.

In full view😊

My son said they probably wouldn’t drive her much.. maybe for his wife to hit up Michaels craft store while he is at work. 😊Of course I had to mention that a car does better, lasts longer if you drive it and not let it just sit. He said he was aware of that fact.😊

It is a happy/sad day.. definitely more happy but nevertheless still somewhat sad. I had become the ‘proud owner’ of my second brand new vehicle on a beautiful sunny day in late Spring 2003 in PA.

Reminiscing.. How it all transpired: My shiny red Ford Escort’s transmission had died in my driveway. I had owned the Escort for 13 years.. since the time I became a single mom when the kids were 6 & 2. Off I went with best friend Susan and her husband to the Acura dealer. At the heights of my career with Creative Memories; the dream of owning a beautiful gold Acura was going to become a reality! Not without a $497.63 car payment for 4 long years! Ouch it was in my budget but I planned on keeping my stellar credit. Those years flew by. Now without a car payment for 12 years it is a happy yet sad day as it feels like the Escort is a lifetime ago and the past 16 years with my reliable Acura TL has wizzed by.

Today I drive from Texas to CA where Serenity will still be in the family!

a fun 1500 mile drive

Watch on you tube how I processed my decision to ‘let go’ of familiarity and reliability! https://youtu.be/T3EhLRufK6g

Whether 6 months, 6 years or more it is a happy day to turn over the keys to my son. At 209,188 miles the jury is still out how long she’ll keep going from 0 to 60 in nothing flat.

Proofs in the odometer 😀

For today; she still runs like a winner. And a winner she has been for me as I drove cross country 4 times, daughter learned how to drive with her, hauled my business in her for 10 years and most recent.. my ‘real’ home for the last 14.5 months.

my home while working in Bryce Canyon at Ruby’s Inn

Goodbye sweet Serenity.. maybe we’ll see you again next time I visit.

How long have you had your latest ride? What is the longest time you ever kept a vehicle?

smiles and joy,


How’s ‘Serenity Sedan’ doing?

As many of you may know; last September 15, 2018 I took off for the great unknown with my 2003 Acura TL that I fondly call ‘Serenity Sedan’.

September 2018

The odometer read 184,000 miles. Serenity has been a smooth ride; thankfully with no issues as I hit the road. The only issue was the back brakes were near giving out within one week on the road. Rotors needed to be replaced. Throughout the year I did regular oil changes. That’s it! So; how is ‘Serenity Sedan’ doing? Well; for as long as she’s been around.. I think she’s doing fabulous!

Fast forward 14 months.. she has 209,500 miles on her! Serenity received 4 new tires around 200,000 miles. Just recently one of the headlights somehow got water inside and shorted out the system.. $500 later a shiny new headlight.. along with an alignment and oil change; she is well taken care of.

Still looking good!

How long will I keep her.. hmm.. not sure. People have told me Acura’s can easily hit 300,000 to 350,000 miles.. We’ll see. It is not known how long her transmission replacement will go.. so far it’s been about 90,000 miles since that huge expense!

All I know is Serenity has been cross country 4X, super reliable wheels during 10 years with my Creative Memories business, a great teacher as my daughter learned to drive and many other road travels through the years.

Many meals in Serenity with the steering wheel table!

You can find this treasure of a handy steering wheel table shown here in the photo on Amazon in my store.

Disclosure- I am an affiliate


New Beginnings.. off the treadmill.. into the great unknown.. Tomorrow is a new day and who knows what it will bring😊!

2018 in Arizona where we hung out for a couple months

smiles and joy,


2020 price increase.. on line store is downsizing on the roa

Throughout this past year on the road as a full time digital nomad I have been filling on line orders from Amazon; Etsy and the website. I carried all 30 different themes in the Say It Display It®️ line in my home’s garage – aka- trunk… ‘Serenity Sedan’ is her name.

Filling orders
digital nomad life on the road

The product line of themes consists of 2 different size cards and 2 different styles.. the stand alone themed collection or the keepsake wood box with a deck of inspiration cards and a display stand. The inventory consisted of 3 huge IKEA bags filled to the brim.

3 IKEA bags
It’s all in the bags!

I’ve decided this coming year on the road that I need to downsize the amount of themes I carry. Too many choices now! The line will decrease from 30 themes to approximately 15.. 3 of them in the smaller line will be 3 brand new collections:

1.Mighty 5 Utah National Park

2. Nomad

3. Serene and Simple Life Travels

Hopefully; it will be easier to shop with less choices to make to be confused and/or overwhelmed with what you like and what to give others.

In addition; it is necessary to make some small price increases. Until December 15 prices will remain the same as they have since the onset of Say It Display It®️ in 2015.

Please check out https://sayitdisplayit.com now to take advantage of the current prices before the prices go up slightly!

Thank you for your support of my business and sharing with others.. changing lives one saying at a time.. I appreciate you very much.

smiles and joy,


Pop up store.. fun at Aafes headquarters

It has been an awesome stay sharing (and selling) Say It Display It®️ daily inspiration cards at the headquarters of the Aafes stores in Dallas, Texas. This is our second year here with a ‘pop up store’ set up on 3 tables, for 3 weeks.. We exhibit for one week on, one week off from early November through mid December.

Store front at Aafes Headquarters

From 8am till 6:30ish I hangout outside the food court and share all about the product with employees as they walk by headed for their morning coffee at Starbucks or at lunchtime at Subway or Burger King. It’s not a bustling show but more a one on one opportunity to chat with employees when they have time.

I engage with passerbys.. asking them if they have 30 seconds to share what I’m doing and what the display is all about..

my pitch- 30 different messages in a deck.. rotate them out daily for a different message each day.. 2 different sizes (I have a display of 2 cards showing the example).. and 2 different styles- (I point to these styles)

1. Stand alone gift.. comes with 30 card deck and fold together display stand

2. keepsake wood box- comes with a deck of 30 daily inspiration cards and sturdy display stand..

then I ask them to play ‘pick one’ from the keepsake wood box, read their message and then display on the boxes stand.. VOILA Say It- Display It®️!

Pick one! displayed here is from the ‘Heart’ themed collection

Cool ways to display your messages!

2 sizes to choose from- 4 X 6 or minis

During my stay I met a merchandising manager. We talked a bit about our lives.. building a friendship. She is going to see how she might be able to get Say It Display It®️into the Aafees stores! We are going to revisit the possibilities in the Spring. I have some work to do to create a pop up retail display to market in stores.

I leave my business set up each night and head back to Serenity Sedan. The evening consists of a cup of hot tea, some time on you tube and then off to bed till the next day.

Set up takes around 1.5 hours. Tear down about an hour. Everything fits inside Serenity Sedan’s basement.. aka trunk😊.

Compact and ready to load up

Here is a video of the tear down and pack it up! Amazing! All fits in Serenity Sedan https://youtu.be/QRApcabA95Y

I made some great display changes where I am finally going to embrace ‘less is more’. For years I have been putting out all the themed collections on 4 different racks for customers to look at to make their decisions. Bottom line.. too much! Moving forward I will be showing off 4 or 5 themes in the 4 X 6 size.. with one rack of mini size decks.. much easier to see and understand (I think) Time will tell. Not sure why it has taken me 4 years to discover a better way!

simple and concise display

If you would like to hear.. a video of the ‘pitch’ the 2 styles of daily inspiration cards and the all new updated display.. https://youtu.be/xWnXZV-aBk8

How about you? Is there something in your life that seems like it has worked forever then.. BAM.. all of a sudden a change is needed?

smiles and joy,


It’s that time of year again! My top 5!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday.. I never was one much to participate in the ‘hoopla’ of these occasions. Though It always seemed like a fun thing to do.. run around (drive 😊) in the madness to snatch up the best items at the best prices. It’s that time of year again!

In Black Friday I’m going to do as I always have.. even as a car dweller.. stay parked while others run around and literally shop till they drop. No wait! I’m going to be visiting my son, daughter-in-law and my grand sweet pea in CA.

I’m going to live a life of pure luxury for a few days and hang out in a hotel that my son has graciously offered to pay for. They do say when someone wants to do something for you.. allow them otherwise you are robbing them of a blessing!😊

I don’t want to wear out my welcome and be under their feet so coming and going will be great! I will spend Thanksgiving with them.. offer to watch sweetpea.. visit as they see fit.. no bombardment just bliss..

I imagine I will partake of cyber Monday to find some ‘SCORES’ that are on my needs list for this coming year as I continue ‘full time’ car dweller lifestyle.

Disclosure: You may already be aware that I am an amazon affiliate. Which simply means that if you choose to click on the link here I will receive a small percentage from Amazon for doing my part to influence you to shop Amazon! Even if you choose other items.. if you are on the link to my store then it’s a SCORE for Serene and Simple Life. Thank you in advance!

I applied to become an influencer with Amazon and was accepted. This means that all of the items that I use (and love) are in one place.. one store.. here is the link- https://Amazon.com/sereneandsimplelife

I’d be remiss not to share with you my top 5 favorites.. something for everyone.. great gifts for friends and family who are full time living in a real home, a tiny home and RV, or a real vehicle home😊

No particular order:

1. Steering wheel tray! $11.. eat, work and play while hanging out in your vehicle! The best invention ever!

Can’t live without! It’s a necessity!

stable! sturdy! secure! All in a morning’s routine
Steering wheel table in action

2. 7 in 1 safety tool..Never be without! I keep this tool in my glovebox. Seat belt cutter, window breaker, Emergency blinker to hang on car door outside vehicle, Hand crank charger, flashlight and more! Carry something like this and hopefully you’ll never be in an emergency situation!

7 in1.. Security in your vehicle/rig at all times!

3. Neck light

– the coolest invention ever.. hang around your neck or hang on the steering wheel.. viola! Light to read, work on hobbies, snack!It twists and bends to hang anywhere!

No more turning on the overhead interior lights!

4. Anker battery bank- goes with me everywhere.. in my purse, inside my pocket charging my phone on the go.. phone losing its charge in Target while trying to use their ‘red card’ app to check out or to scan the deals? No problem! Battery bank to the rescue!

Charges my phone, I pad and more!

5. 12 Volt kettle! On the go driving and need some hot water for your favorite beverage? Have your tea bags, instant coffee or powder mix handy.. in 10 minutes you will have your favorite drink ready to enjoy.. no need to spend money or look for a truck stop to meet your hot water needs!

A must have 12 Volt hot water kettle!

BONUS for all you contemporary nomads and solar lovers! The Jackery ‘all in one’ power bank and 50 Watt solar panel! Charges my laptop, I pad, kindle, phone, neck light and more!

Charging her up in the park

‘Jackery’ is sitting right beside the solar panel.. charging!

I will be posting a video on my channel on Thanksgiving of all these cool items (taken at my favorite park in Texas) .. so if you like subscribe and click the bell for updates.. Incase you didn’t know😊


Whatever you decide to do or not do on Black Friday and Cyber Monday make it a great weekend of family, friends, love and hope.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings in your day and joy in the journey..

smiles and joy,


My home away from home

Over the course of the last week I have been hanging out and working at my favorite indoor spot. I’ve probably put in close to 20 hours sitting in my favorite chair (next to my luxurious seat in ‘Serenity Sedan’). The library is my ‘home away from home’ while back to Texas for 6 or 7 weeks.

I’m so grateful to be able to focus and get stuff accomplished all the while looking outside through the beautiful, big windows!

Serenity in the Library

I’ve been working on several different projects. One is updating some of the backgrounds with photos I have taken all over the country in 2019 in the current themed collections of the Say It Display It®️line.. launching in 2020!

In addition we’re also adding 3 new themes to the current line in 2020..

1. ‘The Mighty Five’ Utah National Parks

2. Serene and Simple Life Travels

3. Nomad

‘The Mighty Five’ Utah National Parks themed collection sample
  • Serene and Simple Life©️ Travels theme sample
    ‘Nomad’ themed collection sample

    Serene and Simple Life©️ has an updated line of T shirts!

    6 different sayings to choose from!

    In addition we have totes, pillows, journals, mugs, water bottles, canvas plaques, stationery, stickers, phone cases, shower curtains, bath mats and much more . All designed with stunning photographs with the sayings Serene and Simple Life is best known for😊

    Sampling of what’s available in the Vlogs on her channel https://YouTube.com/sereneandsimplelife

    You can find all of these fun, useful and practical products @ https://redbubble/people/sayitdisplayit They make unique and fabulous gifts!

    Photographs are from Serene and Simple Life’s travels in 2019

    I feel very humbled and blessed to be able to share some of God’s magnificent beauty that I was able to capture on this 20,000 mile, 31 states journey this past year.

    I hope you will take a look and see if there may be something you would enjoy having or perhaps giving as a gift..

    Changing lives one saying at a time! You may just be the catalyst for change in someone else’s life. Thank you for your support and taking time out of your busy life to see what we are up to!

    I hope you find joy in your journey and blessings in your day wherever you like to hang out or at a special home away from home you may have too!☀️💛😊



    Life without the luxuries.. back to where it all began..

    It has been 14 months since I left a life of luxuries to pursue a ‘God calling’..living life in a car as my only home. Today I am back to where it all began.

    Serenity Sedan in familiarity

    I’m sitting in Serenity Sedan now in complete serenity after enjoying a salad I picked up at Walmart. Stationery at a familiar park where before leaving Texas December 25, 2018 I would hang out to journal, work, have instant coffee and lunch or dinner.

    a life of luxury with fresh air in the park

    Sometimes I would just drift off into never never land for a few to contemplate what was ahead. Truly a life without what I now call ‘luxuries’.. tv, microwave, regular showers, and a bathroom all my own.

    simple picnic fun!

    There are exciting times ahead. I feel it in my soul. God is healing my spirit; revealing new truths, strengthening my soul and pruning me for the next season to come as a full time gypsy nomad living in a vehicle. I am humbled to be able to be used by Him and offer my help to others looking for a ‘new beginnings’.

    Over the course of the next few weeks I will be visiting my son and his family (daughter-in-law and grand sweet pea) as well as my daughter and 2 grand sweet peas. I’m looking forward to fun reunions and making new memories to store in my heart when the time gets too long before seeing them again. I’m grateful for this new day and this precious opportunity.

    I’m very busy with craft show season. 3 shows behind me now and 2, perhaps 3 to go.

    show time!

    gift giving time!

    During the week I will be hanging out at the library working on my Say It Display It®️business, blogging and producing new videos for Serene and Simple Life

    A preview of up and coming productions on https://YouTube.com/sereneandsimplelife- ‘Sit and Share Sunday’ is returning ..

    • Storage show and tell.. everything I own in one 7 X 10 metal box
    • sharing my thoughts and opinion about home ownership
    • show business season with the who, what, where of it all
    • 40 days and 7500 miles after leaving Utah.. what I did and where I went
    • A Surprise! God’s perfect timing
    • A new permanent address!

    I hope you will continue to join me on this journey. As always I will be blogging my video productions as I post them on my Serene and Simple Life channel. My heart’s desire is that I would empower, encourage and inspire you to live your best life and live life large no matter the luxuries you may or may not have.. today or down the road on your journey.

    Blessings in your day..

    smiles and joy,


    living life large.. one day at a time

    Hygiene.. Is it possible to stay fresh and clean without access to a shower?🤔

    One of my biggest concerns in choosing to live full time in my car was how would I stay clean and where would I be able to indulge in a hot shower? Over the course of the last year I think I have figured it out! I have found that it is possible to stay and feel fresh and clean even when I have no access to a shower!

    I have named the 3 ways I stay ‘hygentically clean’ GOOD~ BETTER ~ BEST

    1. Good- baby wipes.. quick and easy.. daily wash

    2. Better- large spray bottle and basin

    Shower bag, simple essentials
  • 3. Best- showers.. Here are my ‘go tos’ while traveling..
    • Recreation Centers
    A favorite in Moab
    Lovely city.. St George, Utah
    In many cities.. very nice!
    • I ask Google- ‘showers near me’
    • I’ve always been of the philosophy- anything is possible if you want it bad enough. I was bound and determined to let go if a life of mortgages and rent that kept me in ‘the poor house’ as my dad use to say.. I have found a way to be clean, feel clean and stay clean without showers on a regular basis. I don’t miss showers; I’m just very grateful when I find one as it turns into a big blessing for the day! It’s the little things.. when you are without then you tend to appreciate things even more when you do receive them.
    • Here is the 4th and 5th videos from Serene and Simple Life on ‘hygiene and makeup’ in the series ‘Short and Sweet Saturday’ – food- power- clothing- hygiene- makeup

      make-up- https://youtu.be/ODVACFm-NOY

      I wish you that feeling of gratitude you experience when good things come your way that may easily be taken for granted.. like a shower!😀

    • smiles and joy,
    • Linda
    • This about sums it up!

      Clothes ~ clothes and less clothes

      How is it even possible to downsize from a full size closet to just enough clothing for all 4 seasons; all the while living full time in a car? It took some detaching and ‘letting go’ of many pieces as well as time to be able to figure out what I needed vs what I wanted to go with me. Eventually I was able to go through my wardrobe and go from clothes clothes and more clothes to way less clothes!

      When I first decided to hit the road full time and live in my car I had to first process what was a must to go with me.. for instance a winter coat and gloves.. just in case! I made 4 piles.. absolute needs, let go and give away, maybes, stuff to store till next year.. A month before hitting the road I got busy sorting so I could take my time with all of it. I visited the piles often to further eliminate pieces I no longer needed or wanted.

      7 mesh bags called ‘Amazon basic bags’, an heirloom Vera Bradley bag, (1) collapsible fabric box and one extra large Ikea bag houses all my clothing in ‘Serenity Sedan’.

      Amazon basic bags

      collapsible fabric boxes

      1. (4) medium size Amazon basic mesh bags:

      1. (10) short sleeve tops

      2. (14) tank tops

      3. (4) capris (2) long stretch pants

      4. (3) knit shorts (3) Jean type shorts

      (3) assorted size mesh bags:

      1. Casual Dresses for church, craft show participation

      2. Undergarments

      3. Long sleeve tops

      2. Vera Bradley bag- Shoes- 1 dressy sandal with heels, 3 casual flat sandals, 1 dressy flat sandal, 1 casual dress slip on shoes

      3. Fabric box- 2 jeans, 2 hoodies, sweatshirt, light weight jacket

      4. Big blue ikea bag- Winter wear! 2 scarves, 1 shoe booties for cold weather, winter coat, warm ph bottoms, 2 sweat pants, 2 sets of long johns, 2 wool sock sets, gloves, puffy vest

      I am an Amazon affiliate where they compensate us financially if you use the links in our store to purchase items.. even if not the same items. The fabric boxes are currently out of stock though the super Amazon basic bags and IKEA bags I use are available. Here is the link if interested- https://Amazon.com/shop/sereneandsimplelife Thank you in advance!

      Here is the link to my recent video showing you my clothing and organization https://youtu.be/5Y8P0K0Cmx4

      So there you have it.. downsized from 1 large wardrobe closet filled to the brim to 4 storage systems to house everything I need in Serenity Sedan. Everything is organized, easy to find and simple. No more staring at a closet full of clothes with what should I wear? Well I still ask myself that question but I don’t spend as much time pondering the answer! A serene and simple life it is.. one I wish for you as well!

      smiles and joy,


      Power.. How do I keep it all juiced up and ready to go?

      How does one manage as a full time car dweller without buried, covered and grounded wires; that wonderful Thomas Edison invention called electricity? The thoughts of full time car dwelling without having wall outlets was definitely daunting when I made the decision to hit the road full time in my car. Lap top, I pad, kindle, I phone, fan, light.. oh my! How would I keep it all juiced up with power and ready to go?

      I researched a lot! You tube and asking questions in the various face book groups I am part of were my first attempt to figure it all out. The answers came one by one as I considered space in Serenity (my Acura Sedan) finances and ease of use.

      You can watch my video on Serene and Simple Life channel if you like https://youtu.be/Nxs6iktMwVM

      There are 3 main items I purchased and one gift to be able to maintain sufficient power for my devices mentioned above.

      All my assorted items that require or give power!

      1. Jackery- Lithium battery bank.. referred to as an ‘All in One’ plug and play.. 2 USB ports, an AC plug, 12 Volt, DC

      Jackery ‘all in one’ plug and play

      2. Jackery solar panel to go hand in hand with the Jackery.. a gift from my son.. Oh for the love of sunny days! It is a 50 watt panel. Over the course of 8 hours in full sunlight the Jackery battery bank can be fully charged. It also has a USB port built in. There are times I utilize a sunny day to not only charge my battery bank back up but to charge my I phone or portable battery bank as well. Voila! The sun does its thing and I have fully charged devices. I could never have imagined I’d be living in a time of solar energy let alone relying on and using it!

      Powering up Jackery!

      3. Anker brand battery bank.. consists of 2 USBs to be able to charge my phone 6-8 times. It’s very cool as there are 4 light up dots to see the level of charge capacity.

      Anker battery bank

      4. Best Tek brand inverter.. 300 Watt.. when on a long road trip I plug the inverter into my cigarette lighter.. then plug whatever needs charging into the inverter.. be it phone, battery bank, lap top, I pad, kindle or even Jackery. The inverter has one AC outlet for the lap top or Jackery and two USB ports.

      Bestek 300 watt inverter

      That’s it! Simple and easy to understand, space savers and ready in an instant to use anytime. It wasn’t always this simple. I had days when I would get twisted up on what’s what. Over all I have found that the more you use something the more accustomed and easier it gets. Life 101!

      If you like; I’m an amazon influencer and receive a small percentage of what you purchase just by clicking on any one of the links or just shop here: https://amazon.com/shop/sereneandsimplelife You don’t even have to purchase the exact item(s). As long as you use one link Amazon will give us a reward for sharing. Thank you in advance too!

      I encourage you to start with the bare minimums like I did if thoughts of power intimidates you. You can always add more power or solar to your rig as you go. We are in a fascinating era of many different options to meet your power needs. Go forth! Blessings in your day and power on!