Living in a car tours.. getting rid of the stigma..

During my first huge gathering at the Women’s Rubber Tramp Rendevous of women travelers, nomads and gypsies I was able to provide a mentoring session twice on living in a car and running a business full time. I’m very passionate about the subject of how you can live in a car and quite comfortably at that!

When you hear of someone living in their car we sometimes think ‘homeless’. That is not my situation. This was a choice I made. You can read more here New Beginnings.. off the treadmill ..into the great unknown 

People may also have a tendency to think of those who live in a car as unattractive, addicts, lazy, mentally unstable and more. Hopefully I can make a dent to change those thoughts and to get help somehow to get rid of the stigma!..

At the All inclusive ‘Rubber Tramp Rendevous’ held every year in January in Quartzsite, Arizona I was able to show off ‘Serenity Sedan’ with a gathering of about 20-30 people at the designated time for ‘small car’ tours seminar. Too much fun!

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous Seminars

People seemed to be enthralled and amazed how you can actually live in a car full time. I’m not boasting or showing anyone some amazing skills. I’m sharing my enthusiasm and hopefully giving hope to people who need or want to live a different way.

After the RTR ended I visited the Wandering Individuals Network (WIN) group with a friend. Before moving on I felt God prompting me to  make an annoucement that I would be willing to show anyone who was interested my life in a car. I asked permission first. The gathering of 10 or more people was very empowering to me. People who are curious and show interest  fuels my passion and gives me encouragement to keep on keepin on. One particular lady told me she took photos of my set up and wanted to share my channel her son who she needed to help get moving on out of her home.

I’ve had the opportunity to be videotaped for 2 awesome, detailed what I call ‘show and tells’.. The most recent one was with Randy – ‘the mobile traveler’ on you tube who did a video showing my ‘living in an Acura.. Woman traveling and living in her car’ – Here’s the link if you are curious:

Before this taping I had the privilege of being interviewed by Bob Wells of Cheap RV Living He video taped ‘a day in the life’ with me living in ‘Serenity’. Once it is published it will provide me a huge platform to make a difference and change the stigma. I am excited to share with his audience of 250,000 + how one can live in a car and not just survive but thrive!

I’ll let you know when Bob publishes this interview. Perhaps this information will help someone you know who is struggling or needs a change.

Bob and his camera man- Cliff.. too much fun!
Meeting Bob Wells~ a nomad for 9 years and founder of Cheap RV Living! Making a difference!

Bob mentioned to me there is going to be a mentoring opportunity with the new non profit – Homes on Wheels Alliance that has just launched to help people in this lifestyle. I can hardly wait to get on board to help.

God is using me in simple and significant ways. I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity to show others an alternative way to live and all the perks that come along with living in a car!.. or as some nomads like to view this lifestyle as living ‘outside their rig’ For me; being houseless but not homeless and living in ‘Serenity’ suits me just fine.

‘Serenity Sedan’ Going small~ Living Big

I hope my writing as provided you a different way to view those of us who have left go of ‘sticks and bricks’ and are living life in an unconventional way. My wish for you is that you would find contentment and happiness however you choose to live or that through my sharing you may help someone else along the way.

smiles and joy,


Indeed.. from the stunning ‘God’ themed collection

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