Desert Delight.. Silence and Seclusion

When I first embarked on ‘New Beginnings’ I really wasn’t able to comprehend what it would be like spending days on end in the desert.. rocky flooring, on guard of prickly plants, gusty winds and flying dust. What I found was so much more than these minor inconveniences. The desert has provided a beautiful silence and seclusion.. what I fondly call ‘desert delight’.

Serenity at it’s best.. First time on BLM land

You may be thinking silence and seclusion intertwined with dirt, weather, needles does not sound delightful at all. At first I kinda thought the same thing. But the more time I spent in the desert the more in tune everything seemed to become. My senses were heightened and I did not have the distractions of everyday noises that I was accustomed to.. outdoors.. traffic (though I do like that noise as I grew up with the PA turnpike in my front bedroom window).. people chattering, things banging around.. you know.. the noises we all try to escape when we choose the beach for a weekend away..

In the desert I have been able to hear myself think and hear God speak! Imagine! My own discourse in my brain  is quieted and the stillness of the desert has provided me opportunities to just ‘be still’ and listen.

I have found a new friend in the desert. No; not the rattlers and scorpion type friends.. the desert itself has become a friend. You could say I’m a friend of the desert.

Over all if I had to choose; water over desert would be my first choice.. though being in AZ desert on BLM land for 3 months has been filled with ‘delight’. I have been able to have it both ways here.. Lake Havasu

A favorite home.. Stewart’s Landing.. Overton, Nevada

water..  the city and the desert.. God willing I’ll be back; my friend. Your silence and seclusion has given me the reprieve and opportunities I long for.. to quiet my restless spirit and hear God more clearly. Silence and seclusion can do that.

Serenity Sedan leaving but will be back

Where do you go to get away from the distractions and find your delight? My wish for you is that you have that place and go there often.

smiles and joy,


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