Clothes ~ clothes and less clothes

How is it even possible to downsize from a full size closet to just enough clothing for all 4 seasons; all the while living full time in a car? It took some detaching and ‘letting go’ of many pieces as well as time to be able to figure out what I needed vs what I wanted to go with me. Eventually I was able to go through my wardrobe and go from clothes clothes and more clothes to way less clothes!

When I first decided to hit the road full time and live in my car I had to first process what was a must to go with me.. for instance a winter coat and gloves.. just in case! I made 4 piles.. absolute needs, let go and give away, maybes, stuff to store till next year.. A month before hitting the road I got busy sorting so I could take my time with all of it. I visited the piles often to further eliminate pieces I no longer needed or wanted.

7 mesh bags called ‘Amazon basic bags’, an heirloom Vera Bradley bag, (1) collapsible fabric box and one extra large Ikea bag houses all my clothing in ‘Serenity Sedan’.

Amazon basic bags

collapsible fabric boxes

1. (4) medium size Amazon basic mesh bags:

1. (10) short sleeve tops

2. (14) tank tops

3. (4) capris (2) long stretch pants

4. (3) knit shorts (3) Jean type shorts

(3) assorted size mesh bags:

1. Casual Dresses for church, craft show participation

2. Undergarments

3. Long sleeve tops

2. Vera Bradley bag- Shoes- 1 dressy sandal with heels, 3 casual flat sandals, 1 dressy flat sandal, 1 casual dress slip on shoes

3. Fabric box- 2 jeans, 2 hoodies, sweatshirt, light weight jacket

4. Big blue ikea bag- Winter wear! 2 scarves, 1 shoe booties for cold weather, winter coat, warm ph bottoms, 2 sweat pants, 2 sets of long johns, 2 wool sock sets, gloves, puffy vest

I am an Amazon affiliate where they compensate us financially if you use the links in our store to purchase items.. even if not the same items. The fabric boxes are currently out of stock though the super Amazon basic bags and IKEA bags I use are available. Here is the link if interested- Thank you in advance!

Here is the link to my recent video showing you my clothing and organization

So there you have it.. downsized from 1 large wardrobe closet filled to the brim to 4 storage systems to house everything I need in Serenity Sedan. Everything is organized, easy to find and simple. No more staring at a closet full of clothes with what should I wear? Well I still ask myself that question but I don’t spend as much time pondering the answer! A serene and simple life it is.. one I wish for you as well!

smiles and joy,


One thought on “Clothes ~ clothes and less clothes

  1. This made me want to cry tears of joy!! That you would take time, to be detailed & informative for women, or whoever, that organizing as you downsize, is very “doable!!” God is truly using you to help others Linda!!! Have an incredibly blessed day!!! Praise God for all the blessings!!! Aaamen!!!

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