Brand New World of Firsts

  • TOP 10
  • 1. using a collapsible potty.. you get use to it. I unfold it and place it in my dressing room tent. Remember; indoor plumbing has only been around for 200 years. The ‘commode’ I use is quite simple and when I’m not using it; it is an ‘outta sight outta mind’
  • good times😊
  • 2. using a propane/butane stove.. just plain simple and fun. No heavy duty cleaning of a stove, dinner in 2 minutes.. faster than a microwave!
  • Yum!😃
  • another yum.. toasted bread with avocado and tomato
  • 3. sleeping in the driver’s seat of a car all night.. actually more comfy than I was in my bed in sticks and bricks.. watch here-
  • 4. Stealth camping in the city and the desert.. reflectix on all the windows.. just like pulling the shades only I pop them in all the windows.. voila.. stealth! I made them with a huge roll of reflective I bought at Lowe’s, felt from Joann Fabrics and E 6000 glue. There are many ‘how to’ videos on you tube. That was my go to for this project.
  • 5. Using solar to power my phone, laptop, battery bank, lights, i pad.. so happy to be living in an age of ‘high tech’.. who would of thunk that we would be able to live off the grid with sunlight as our power source. I’m feeling pretty cool..
  • powering up at the park!jackery lithium battery bank
  • 50 Watt Solar Panel..
  • 6. working an entire day in my nest ‘Serenity’.. love the tray table that simply latches in to the steering wheel.. best invention ever
  • my office.. all the room I need!
  • 7. a ‘P’ container.. 2 for a $1 at Dollar Tree.. easy peasy.. no muss.. covered with contact paper for a disguise😊.. as my granddaughter so sweetly says “no big deal!”
  • 8. Public showers.. YMCA, Rec Centers, Hostel.. they’re all good!.. fresh as a daisy and ready to go.. appreciative of hot water pulsating my body like never before😊
  • best shower so far.. Moab,Utah
    right up there with #1
  • 9. coffee at McDonalds and working there for 8+ hours.. joy! Outta Serenity into the, people watch, snack on fries and get work done! Beautiful decor in some too as you see here!
  • favorite one in Dallas, Texas
  • 10. Finding Parks or Libraries ‘near me’ by asking google audio and spending the entire day there working and ‘powering up’..a great environment to focus and get lots done!
  • in Parker, AZ
    in Yuma, AZ
  • BONUS : finding a new place to sleep every night when camping/living in the city.. I’ve experienced some ‘million dollar views’ out the window of Serenity when I wake..
  • favorite resting place in Parker, AZ
    open 24 hours.. good to travelers and nomads
  • I love my ‘new beginnings’ life.. joy in the journey with a serene and simple..
  • My wish for you is you would experience ‘firsts’ and find joy in your journey too.
  • smiles and joy,
  • Linda
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