A day in the life.. city or off the grid.. which one today?

There are times in this nomadic lifestyle that I ponder ‘what to do, where to go’ as in live off the grid on BLM (Bureau of Land Management), in a National Forest, at a National Rec lake (free with National park pass) or stealth camp in the city.

When I first started on this journey as a nomad it was basically moving from one city to the next as I worked/exhibited at shows selling Say It Display It product on the weekends.

Through out this journey into the great unknown I have adapted and learned about living in, around and outside my Acura TL.. in both kinds of environments– (city or dispurse camping) which I fondly named ‘Serenity Sedan’. Trivia- She is 16 years old and I am excited to see her live to at least 200,000 miles.. only 8000 to go!

‘Serenity Sedan’ home in the desert


Here is a break down of a typical day in the life..


The routine morning part of my day when I first moved into Serenity Sedan was senior coffee at McDonald’s. I decided I wasn’t going to spend money each day on coffee. In the cooler weather I warm up my car for 10 minutes and use my 12 volt coffee maker https://amzn.to/2SQGCWD to heat up a cup of water and indulge in some yummy Folgers or Maxwell House.. reminds me of my mom and dad and days gone by.. In occasion if I am near a fast food place I will ask them for a cup of hot water. Here is my 12 volt maker-


When off the grid I use my Gas One grill to heat up my water. While having the first of two cups of coffee I sometimes dig into some scripture on my Bible app and/or read from my Jesus calling devotional. Brushing my teeth at McDonald’s, in/outside my car with a spit cup😊 or at a park restroom is also a morning priority. It’s enjoyable and relaxing me to tidy up Serenity for the day- fold my blankets, fluff my pillows; just like what I would be doing if I were living in stix and bricks.

The little table that connects to my steering wheel is very convenient to manage my morning routine! Car laptop desk multi work table https://amzn.to/2MaVRXS


I have spent an entire day at the library working on my business and keeping up with social media is endless. I charge up all my devices while I’m there. I also have set up office right in the desert and stay put!

5 foot table is my stand up desk in the desert

Hanging out in gorgeous parks, Shopping at Walmart or Dollar store for food, mailing orders, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest updates with Say It Display It®️,video watching, email catch up are other ‘to do’s. Blogging, keeping up with my You Tube channel – Serene and Simple Life with the learning curve keeps me quite busy.

Lake Havasu was a favorite place to do life for the day.Google maps audio is my friend to find incredible places to go. Rotary Park in Lake Havasu was introduced to me by asking google- ‘parks near me’? I spent 2 full days here leisurely walking, taking lots of photos to use in my product line https://sayitdisplayit.com and exploring.

My Gas One grill https://amzn.to/2SQMoYe is my go to for breakfast and mid afternoon meal. Fun!


If in the city I am back to Serenity around 7pm – 8ish.. put my black out reflectix up (draw the drapes😄) make a lil nest of pillows in my front driver’s seat (where I sleep).. How do you sleep?? Watch here! https://youtu.be/PyhOQMorH00

crochet, knit, read.. more FB scrolling, You Tube.. eyes closed around 10-11pm.

 I have slept in 80+ temps with a 10in. O2 Cool battery operated fan to as low as 38 degrees with 2-3 layers of clothing, double layer of socks, a fleece and a 90% wool blanket tucked around me..

I’ve also stayed quite warm and cozy in the COMFY brand fleece lined sleep sweatshirt- seen on Shark Tank, (shown here is a picture from the ad) https://amzn.to/2snRNub ** disclosure- links to product here are from my amazon affiliate site where Amazon rewards us for doing their marketing.. no cost to you and a big thank you from me!

City and dispurse camping are both awesome in their own way. Of course they both have their pros and cons.. It is definitely easier to work, play and connect (literally – the internet!) in the city. I haven’t quite decided yet which I like better or if they are equally rewarding!

Being in the desert, a lake or in National forest I slow down and recharge my battery.. my brain as well as my power! Parks are also great to set up my solar and charge my power bank too!

Jackery portable power station-


Jackery 50 watt solar panel


I will continue just go back and forth between city, blm land and National Forests.. life as a nomad.. you just never run out of new scenery and of course a new place to live is only the turn of a key away!

smiles and joy,


One thought on “A day in the life.. city or off the grid.. which one today?

  1. Thank you for sharing a day in the life as a nomad. Wonderful ideas on how to plan out a day. Tucking these away in my noggin for my trip down south! Just a couple of weeks away!

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