Travels while working ~ Joy in the journey

It has been an amazing time of experiencing new places on my days off while working 25 hours a week as a camp host. Two days a week I leave my camphost site and head out into the great unknown to explore, see new sites and be filled with new memories.

Experiencing the road to the sun in Glacier National Park, Montana

Travels while working provides me time to experience places I would never see in my lifetime if it weren’t for choosing to live life as a nomad full time in my car. I know I repeat this statement often. I’m just so unbelievably grateful for these opportunities I’ve been blessed with. Joy in the journey has taken on a much more significant meaning!

Glacier National Park in July 2019

Over the course of 4 weeks.. 8 days 2 days off each week) I have traveled 1000’s of miles to enjoy and embrace this beautiful country.. the USA.

Week one.. Bellingham and Anacortes.. massive amount of boats, breathtaking beauty, clear waters, and serenity at its finest.. Watch here to visit these beautiful cities alongside me..

Anacortes.. breathtaking.. boats, boats and more boats!

Week two.. Olympic National Park.. gorgeous scenery, magnificent deer grazing out in the open, snow capped mountain peaks.. oh the joy in the journey!

Never experienced anything like this scenery!

Week three.. Mt St. Helens.. learning about what transpired and seeing the ‘comeback’ of nature is beyond words.. I have gained a whole new appreciation for National forests and the work that is done to sustain us and nature..

a must experience for yourself!

Week four.. North Cascades National Park.. Even though I can find beauty everywhere I look I can see why people would claim Washington as the most beautiful state in the country. The massive old Cedars, Douglas Firs and so many other standing tall trees; lining beautiful lakes, mountains and glaciers is a sight like no other.

photos don’t lie😊

What can I say? I am beyond grateful to live in this wonderful country and to be able to travel while working a dream job by a beautiful river is an opportunity of a lifetime.

I hope you too are able to travel, sight see and experience all of God’s masterpiece while working or retired!

saw this at the returns check in desk at Walmart

smiles and joy,


6 thoughts on “Travels while working ~ Joy in the journey

  1. Hi sweetie. You are such a blessing to me. I can’t even tell you how much.
    I do have a question. You are not scared in your car? I mean, I know you have done things to try and be as safe as possible, but I can’t imagine being a woman, and alone in a car. Now that is just me. But you do bless me because you have put your fears and other things aside to follow your dreams. I admire that.
    God be with you on your journey and richly bless you with much joy, love, and peace.

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  2. Beautiful! What a spectacular view! Just a thought for a future video…have you ever had anyone try to get into your car? Any scary/funny moments? Best of luck!☀️🌷☀️


  3. Ive just subscribed. How wonderful your doing what you want. A whole car to yourself #jealous. Thanku for sharing a moment out of your wonderful life. Thanku for inspiring me.


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