Sedan and a Storage.. No Sticks and Bricks..

A resurfacing question amongst nomads is – Do you have a sticks and bricks (permanent home) to go back to if you need a break or this lifestyle doesn’t work out over the long run? I really don’t have any proven statistics on how many of the 1000’s of full timers do or don’t have another home but my best guess is at least half don’t if not more. After all full time is full time in my mind with no other place to call home besides your home on wheels. I am full time, no sticks and bricks to head back home to. My 2003 Acura TL ‘Serenity Sedan’ is my home.

I’m renting a 7 X 10 storage unit which is primarily housing the product I sell, along with some memorabilia I couldn’t seem to part with, an heirloom rocker that I nursed and rocked my babies in.. now in their 30’s, a couple shelf units, a tv that I tried to sell along with a couple bins of holiday decorations.

This is it! One keepsake or dumpster😊 load

Product, product and more product! Say It Display It®️

Besides what is with me; this is all I own.

It feels wonderful! The thoughts of leaving very little work for someone to discard of my belongings coupled with being a true minimalist is also a rewarding feeling at this stage of my life.

The thought crosses my mind to consider having a tiny unit like the new ‘She Sheds’ being built if I needed a break from the road, a place to regroup, have my grand kids and children come to visit me in a stationery place. One never knows about our health either and I realize things can change on a dime.

I’m just not sure at this early stage of ‘New Beginnings’ what the future holds. God knows. I ask Him daily to lead me and even to slow down this train on occassion. That He has done. No one knows what tomorrow will bring but for today; with no other place to call home  but my nest ‘Serenity Sedan’ it feels right and I am perfectly content.

I wish for you contentment in whatever the place you call ‘home’ looks like.

smiles and joy,


5 thoughts on “Sedan and a Storage.. No Sticks and Bricks..

  1. 👍 and hi 5 to your life. Im still in search of yet another van after having my 3rd one totaled by careless drivers. Yes 3rd in less than 2 years❗️😞. Trusting in my Heavenly Father.🙏❤️
    I admire and resonate your response to the negative on your posts.

    SpiritWinds and Peaceful Landings.
    KATHY Lee, aka SpiritWind

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  2. Linda,
    You are REALLY putting your faith into practice. You HAVE TO trust him. No man, or other obstacle to use as a crutch. I say that because I realize I probably put more trust in my husband than God. I would think in your position you are putting ALL your trust in God. Good for you. Blessings to you my sister.

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